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All encompassing blog, real estate both commercial and residential buyers, sellers and leases, current events, entertainment, film industry, Realtor Association info, personal impressions, great restaurants, travel and entertainment, foodie favorites. I love Massachusetts but cover the Globe. Covering current topics of major economic concern including Short Sales, HUD HOMES, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, HAFA program, Auctions, Foreclosures, Bankruptcy, Bank Owned Properties. Loan Modification Direction.



Action was finally taken yesterday with the REFILING of a bill by Martha Coakley's office of the Massachusetts Attorney General. A previous bill had been filed last year in the Legislature but no action of voting upon it had ever been initiated. Hopefully this new filing will call the Legislators...
Massachusetts, just love living here, I really do!  People from across the country ask me why I would want to live in such a cold place as Massachusetts, why when there are so many warmer spots to move to??? Tonight we are glued to our televisions, awaiting the latest news on whether we will be h...
Congratulations to the Active Rain Staff and the Active Rain Community.  When I joined just one year ago, 200,000 members seemed so very far off and now the family has grown.  I cannot believe that 200,000 people can feel like such a small and welcoming community.  The town I come from in Massach...
You are just about ready to close on the sale of your home.  You have secured a new home or have made all the arrangements for your relocation.  Your Buyers are great Buyers, their mortgage is approved, your home is spotless and they can't wait to get in. The closing date is set and the Bank's At...
Do you have Sellers who are "waiting for the market to come back" to sell their homes and investment properties?  Do they sigh over the market value of their homes in comparisons with the highs of 2005! I have found that sitting down with paper and pen and truly discussing the expenses and the TI...
As Realtors we all come from very diverse backgrounds, we don't share the same educations, the same neighborhoods...we are not all Christians or Buddists or Jews or a number of other religions and we don't share the same political demographics.  We are not all Democrats, Republicans or Independen...
I turn channel to channel on the morning national television stations and there is always appearing a "professional" who is encouraging the public NOT TO BUY A HOME but rather to rent.  They protest that a renter pays less money for better quality housing.  This may be true in some towns where th...
In March of 2011 there are changes which are going to take place in the Massachusetts Homestead Act. I eloborated on the specifics on the changes and what exactly the Homestead Act is and the new protections which shall be available in a blog posting the other evening. I have read more and more a...
Well it is now about midnight...the snow has not started yet.  The ticker line on the television posts the long, long list of school cancelations and special events being postponed till Thursday.  We keep going to the window, no snow it really a sure thing that the snow is going to fall ...
On March 16, 2011 the Homestead Act in Massachusetts will change.  This is a very important change to a homeowner and you should seek counsel on how this effects your own personal residence. Briefly under the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 188, a homeowner must record a declaration of homeste...

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