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These are my thoughts about community, life and the world around me...rambling as they may be. What is in my head. This is me!
When your office members become FAMILY........ Just TWO weeks ago, a fellow agent's husband was diagnosed with Cancer!  The cancer had spread, unknown to him or anyone else, to his jaw, liver, lungs, colon and even more!  The FIRST symptom was a swelling of his jaw, like an abcess tooth would be....
Well, Summer is more then half over here!   Our schools start Augusta 11. Having a housefull of children myself, I took more than two weeks off in June and every weekend for the past 6 weeks.     BOY! does that mean SLIM Pickin's for July for me!  a FUNNY term " keeping the pipeline full"....  Bu...
"I'll save that one for a rainy day"   Ever heard anyone say that?  Of course you have.  Maybe you have even said it yourself.   RAIN RAIN go away....COME AGAIN another day..... It's RAINING, Its Pouring, the old man is snoring.... the mantra of children.   Lately around here everyone PRAYS for r...
Well,  My "baby" turned 8 years old today!   She is the youngest of my brood and I never found myself lamenting over any of the others as they grew I recall,  I rejoiced!!  You know,  all this was brought on by a cutie pie 11 month old at a walk through today!!  He was so adorable wi...
As I arrived home from my much needed vacation at the beach I was greeted by a VERY hungry kitty! NO!  I did not leave him unattended for over a week!  This cat is one very strange 'puddy tat'. My sister came everyday while we were gone to feed and water the cats.  We also have a window in the ba...
Good afternoon good readers! During my 9 day absence, I have basked in the sun, sailed a catamaran, tried to catch a shark and beach combed until I could not walk anymore!!   (not to mention, shopping and dining til i dropped) As my family and I unpacked It occured to me that we should be careful...
Another one of lifes Big questions! Vacations cost lots of money they cause tons of extra work before you go and even more when your return! So... why do we Spend so much time and money to go on Vacation ? it all boils down to CHILL TIME!! I want to spend time with my family and enjoy having noth...
Why do people say that?  "Back to the old grindstone" Actually the saying comes from times gone by when people would grind their wheat by hand on an old rock (grindstone) with a stick or other rock until they had flour or meal.  This was really hard, tiring , monotonous work.  After the grinders ...
Dear Readers, You will find, that throughout my writings that I am a woman of deep thinking.  Sometimes the urge just hits me to write something a little personal.  that moment JUST occurred!! I grew up a sheltered life...a GOOD thing.... But, I spent most of my teen years thinking only of where ...
Memorial day is a very very important day around Augusta! With Ft Gordon on our back door, we are deeply rooted with both active military members and the veterans, both are integral threads in the fabric of our community.   We have about 70,000 veterans in Augusta and surrounding areas!!  My husb...

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