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I remember when I was a kid and got my first suit, man I really felt like I was somebody (no longer a little kid, but a little man). The one thing I really liked about Easter was the fact that I could always talk my mother into getting me a new suit! I wear suits often because I like them. I'm co...
Last year I had a client that was the victim of a Straw Mortgage scam artist. I handled the short sell on the property and in the process learned more about straw mortgages than I ever cared to. One thing that was clear, there is no shortage of homes that were sold in this manner. Typically they ...
I thought I had heard it all, but then a salesman tried to sell me fake grass (no, not the smokable kind). I sometimes wish I had bought it; especially when paying the bill for a certain chemical company to treat my lawn every six weeks. I don't even want to talk about the water bills for the mon...
Lately I've seen some truly remarkable price reduction e-flyers landing in my email. They seem to tout the reduction as a great thing that should make my clients happy and eager to buy their home. I don't see it that way, and I feel these massive reductions are hurting all of us. Obviously as age...
As you may have read in my previous Blog, the Nigerian 419 scam has invaded our very own realty market here in Washington State. This is a fairly sophisticated scam that many people have fallen for and lost thousands in the process. Any clients you may have that are intending to buy property for...

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