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People use social media for everything these days. From reading the news, communicating with friends, and even shopping. For that reason, it's a necessity to have social media accounts for your business. Social channels can really grow your business, so you're definitely missing out if you aren't...
As a business owner, it is natural to search for the next step.  It is natural to focus on getting outside help to grow and enhance your business.  Thinking about talking to a business consultant and understanding a business consultant are two different things!  The question now is “What does a b...
It is that time again! The holidays are here, and business is starting to show the signs of the slower season. Don’t fret! You can keep your business running during the holidays while preparing for the next season to come! Here are some ways to keep your business running during the holidays. Focu...
You have been searching for a virtual assistant to meet your needs. You have looked on multiple different websites and have seen a variety of different skill sets and prices vary just as much! What is the right answer? It really depends on what you want in your assistant! Here are some questions ...
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Work and home life balance is always something that needs work. When you are a real estate agent, your schedule can be unpredictable, and balancing work and home life can be difficult. There are ways to make this balance a little easier.  The first thing to do is to sit down at the beginning of e...
Last time we discussed how to write a blog. This week I want to talk about your database. Thinking about a database cleanup may be overwhelming. Your database is the heart of your business, and it can be so much more if it were organized. Imagine a day where you can schedule an email blast to go ...
Last time we talked about Facebook Marketing, this week we are going to discuss blogging. Focusing on branding and marketing yourself includes starting, and maintaining, a blog. Getting your name out there and in front of people is a great way to get more business. Blogging isn’t something that w...
It is time to reach into the world of Facebook in hopes of making an impact. How do you approach Facebook marketing? Do you boost your post or create an ad? Making the right decision can save you time and money. Here is how to decide which Facebook marketing technique is best for you. The first t...
Balance working with a virtual and an in-house assistant. Having an in-house real estate assistant can be a great asset to your business. They should be able to help you with your everyday tasks, and assist you with other tasks as needed. But most likely they can’t do everything, all of the time....

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