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The Attic is one place the home seller love to hide things and they think that potential buyers will never look up there. I truely believe they think it is just too much effort. That space can be a real selling point for a future addition or storage. Getting a home owner to clean it out and go th...
Every closet should look good, and each has its own personality. The fron hall close can and is very easy to organize with some purging and a few baskets or bins. Get rid of all cheap hangers and got with good solid wooden or heavey duty plastic for coats and jackets. Bins work well for umbrellas...
Keeping in the theme of GO, get organized! Helping a home owner corral everyday paper while their house is on the market can be a huge challenge. If they are not able to set up a system to deal with paper on a daily basis, putting junk in recycling, bills in bill box and magazines in a nice baske...
With houses just not moving on the market 1 suggestion I can make to really make your houses shine is to put them on a diet for the New Year. A de-clutter diet. Bring in an Organizer to get rid of all the stuff. You as realtors should not be doing this job. Hire a professional who is a member of ...
Yesterday the 2010 EPA Lead Paint law went into full effect. It is very important that we all be knowledgeable about this law and not let any professionals try and fly under the radar by doing work that does not meet the standard to just cut cost f...
As a green organizer my staff and I have found that with out a doubt, when we are brought in by a realator and our services are used by the selling home owner, the house sells MUCH faster. To date the last 7 homes My Divine Concierge has de-cluttered has sold at asking price or higher in 30 days ...

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