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Yesterday, I read a heartfealt blog on Active Rain. I responded to the blog, and admitted she made me cry, when I read about the horribly sad and hopeless situation people are finding themselves in. What I am about to get on the soapbox about is what we can really do help. I know this agent is ca...
Today I read a request for a reporter that wanted some response help for an article she was writing on the following topic:"Tens of thousands  of homeowners are getting home loans modifiedinto more affordable terms, but research shows many of thoseborrowers are defaulting even on newly modified l...
PERFECT PLACE CONTEST 4ENTER TODAY AND WIN!!   IRONTON, MOST. FRANCOIS 4 beds / 3 bathsPrice $320 000ENTER NOW ONLY $25ONLY 12000 ENTRIESFantantic property is minutes from HWY-67 & Farmington, & just over an hour south of St Louis. Three year old home is 4000+ sq ft, with 60+ acres - one third op...
PERFECT PLACE CONTEST 6ENTER TODAY AND WIN!!   NORFOLK, VAWILLOUGHBY TERRACE 5 beds / 3.5 bathsPrice $750 000Presented by: PABLO MOYAGREEN ENERGY STAR NEW HOME ENTER NOW ONLY $1 This new home combines fine materials and excellence in construction to bring a superb "green" home unmatched in this m...
We Were so excited to have this article written about us, I wanted to share it. Updated On 12/15/08 at 12:00PM Gaming for apartments Q Club Resort & Residences By Roland Li Donna Kalman, president of the Perfect Place, wants to change the way homes are sold -- by "giving" them away. Her company h...
I was preparing to write a blog on the problems the forclosures are about to cause, when I found a well written featured blog about the sad plight of the displaced tenant. The responses to this post are so surprising to me. All the comments were so sympithetic to the renter. What about the owner ...
The following problem, that I am experiancing, is going to cause the next big group of real estate holders into default. 3 years ago, I purchased nine condos in a community that has 320 units. While selling the condos, Suntrust bank had a representative, in the sales office, to offer and write mo...
I have recently heard that new laws might make agents chose whether they want to list a property or sell the property. The law will prohibit them from being the represntative of both parties for one sale. Has anyone else heard anything about this. If it is accurate , that will be a huge blow to a...
We have a website for players to enter into a contest to win a home. To appeal to the correct audiance, a demographic study was completed about 8 months ago, in preperation for the launch. It gave us a complete picture of who our target audiance was, how much they would be willing to spend on ent...
Anyone and everyone on here this invitaion is for all of you. Whether you have listings that need to be sold or sellers that need to buy, we really need to talk to you!!! Actually . you really need to speak with us too!!!!! Just about every agent on here is looking for something unique to set the...

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