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Hey friends - check out this great little widget / app that Gary Hayes (@garyphayes) at Personalize Media created. This shows just how FAST Social Media is advancing - WOW! Share this post with anyone that still thinks Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs etc.) is 'Just a Fad' or isn't essentia...
Great discussions are happening about RPR and the transition to enhanced data or parcel-based MLS systems. Aggregators are looking for ways to integrate the myriad of information around a specific property record and present this to their end users; whether that is the REALTOR, consumer, service ...
A Great question came up the other day at one of our Business Networking Lunches: "Should I market my business on Facebook?" Now, the simple answer is YES! ...But wait, there's more. As it turns out, the owner of this particular company was concerned that his direct competition would work their '...
Too often in marketing and advertising we focus on the 'cost' of the program or run. While this is essential to operating a sound business, the real consideration must be the question: 'What is my return on this investment / ad spend?' As an example, I'll tell the tale of 2 Brokers (Real Estate -...
'Down Market' Means it's Time to Market! With the current real estate market crunch many people have pulled back on their marketing spend. Successful businesses however are Increasing their marketing – here’s why: • Less Competition: The downturn in the economy and marketplace tends to ‘clean up’...
Hello Friends, it's been a bumpy Dec./Jan. in the industry here in Denver, for sure. What once was LandAmerica, became Lawyers Title Co. and then was acquired by Fidelity - in itself not a bad thing at all, as Fidelity is a top shelf Company that knows how to run Title Operations. The challenge b...
Okay, so I was looking around for the 'Top Gifts' for 2008, like I do every year. - It's quite fun to see what 'everyone' thinks is best and what we end up with here at home, etc. (Gives you a good idea how much TV the kids are watching, too!) So here's the challenge, this year it looks as if the...
This week some of our Nation's largest commercial real estate players approached the Administration (Congress, the Treasury Dept., and others) to ask for help in the form of bailout money due to the current economic picture. Key to this is whether or not 'Joe and Mary' taxpayer approve - after al...
The Federal bank, credit union, and thrift regulatory agencies yesterday posted their new Identity Theft information and it is available for you to review and share with your clients and sphere. If you haven't yet known someone affected by this, the odds are that you will by the end of 2009. Each...
Today we have made the change from LandAmerica to Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation. This is due to many factors (none of which I am qualified to discuss here - friends and associates can contact me for updates directly) and by no means represents a change in my business or employment / compani...

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