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I just got word that the FBI released their 'Most Wanted' widget update. This is available for nearly EVERY site and social network out there (go figure, it's the FBI for goodness sake!) Included are code sniplets and auto placements for: * Facebook * MySpace * MyYahoo *AOL *Email *Standard Embed...
I was recently asked the question: "What do you do every day to stay motivated?" First and foremost, the 'why' must be established. That is the critical Goal Setting component. Ask the question: "Whatever it is you (we) do, what is our primary reason for doing it?" (Helping others, making a diffe...
We Remember! Veterans' Day * November 11, 2008 Veterans' Day is a day to HONOR our HEROES who put their lives on the line to protect our Nation. Please join me in Thanking a Veteran during this day of remembrance and tribute. It's the right thing to do, and not enough of us do this as often as we...
If I knew how to place a 'poll' into this post, I would do so. However, so far it's been a bit too hairy and I've resolved to get the question out there 'old school'. Blackberry vs. Palm vs. iPhone - Which do you choose, and why? Post your choice and your reason below as a comment, and let's see ...
I've seen many posts regarding the points, rankings, and placement opportunities here on Active Rain over the years. Today the question came up about just what the ROI is for 'moving up the list' and gaining points and ground in your local market (city, county, state, etc.). I'd like to hear from...
I just wanted to take a minute to remember all the agents that have 'left the business'. Add to that all of the mortgage lenders, title reps, inspectors, appraisers,  - you name it - that are no longer able to offer us their excellent services and assistance. It's bittersweet to still be here wor...
I recently found a GREAT post from Michelle in the Nashville, TN market area. I think that her ideas of finding ways to differentiate herself from the local competition are evidence of her being 'on track' as a successful agent/broker. Now, many of us would say: 'just work hard and give great ser...
Hey - this is cool! If you have NEVER seen the Linkedin Wizard, here is your chance! -You'll have to hurry though, he's only online for another hour or so - I think he's off at 8pm PT today. Seriously! Check it out here and you'll FINALLY get to see the famous Wizard of Linkedin.com! Here's that ...
Over the years I've found it quite helpful to learn a new keyboard shortcut for commonly-used functions within popular software applications. Since most of us spend quite a bit of time in Outlook and other Microsoft programs, I often share the tips from the help section(s) with both my team membe...
A popular tax-saving loophole regarding capital gains taxes on some primary residences has been impacted by the recently signed 2008 Housing and Economic Recovery act. If you have clients that you believe may be impacted by this latest ruling, and/or would like to learn more about this and other ...

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