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I am a retired Greater Sacramento Realtor. My career spanned 40 years beginning in 1981, and ending in 2021. MY INTERESTS & HOBBIES: In addition to family activities, I am active in a Sacramento history group, and a local Sacramento area genealogy group. I actively research several family names. I also have a special love of cooking. For several years, I worked at an international software development company, which was represented by people from all over the globe. During that time, I was fortunate enough to learn special recipes from a number of them. They include, Indian, Caribbean, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, Romanian, Hungarian, Irish, and Carolina "Low Country" recipes. I have developed a special interest in mixing certain recipes from varying ethnic groups to create unique recipes and combinations not usually seen. Another of my favorite pastimes is gardening. And, I often find myself spending hours in my garden, and wondering where time has gone! I am interested in photography and cameras. This interest began as a child, and has remained and was perpetuated in my Real Estate career, family activities, and travel. Last but not least, I enjoy travel - both foreign and domestic.



A couple of weeks ago while driving along the Northern California Coast near Point Reyes, I came across a very unusual sign, with wording that seemed a tad oxymoron - or contradictory.When I returned home from Point Reyes National Seashore, and the Village of Inverness, I decided to do a little r...
Today, Sacramento (also affectionately known as "Sacratomato") had a glorious day of more sunshine - which has been unusual in recent days.  We had billowing clouds all right; but they were the pretty cumulous type - not those dank dreary kind.  A few weeks ago, I became melancholy from all the r...
Well at least I can blame the events of the last day or so on nature's mischief.    First my cell phone bit the dust, and I needed to make a decision on what replacement phone to buy, what plan, what color, etc.  I really didn't want to make this decision until April or so.  I was waiting for th...
Often less can be more when it comes to housing In a recent quest to track information on real estate statistics and trends, I noticed a contradiction among the pundits of "what's hot - what's not" in the real estate marketplace. I can remember when the pundits promoted the idea that the Mc Mansi...
Often when folks visit the streets of Old Sacramento, they have no idea there is a hidden, more secret world lurking beneath their feet.  There are hints and clues given at Fulton's Prime Rib @ 900 2nd Street.  The charming and quaint Fulton's courtyard, at subterranean level, can been seen from...
Residents of Folsom are excited about ground breaking yesterday, which began major construction to revitalize historic Old Folsom.Old Town Folsom has been one of my favorite destinations for nearly a lifetime.  Steeped in rich Gold Rush era history and haunts.  It exists along the American River,...
Saturday afternoon in Sacramento was the sunny afternoon we haven't had in a very long time.  Folks in the neighborhood began to stir from their homes, and out into their yards to survey damage from recent storms, while the sun periodically winked at us from behind billowy clouds.There is a corne...
Last evening I was in mood for a little poetry.  I came across this inspirational poem by Karen I. Shragg.  The title is "Think Like a Tree."Soak up the sunAffirm life's magicBe graceful in the windStand tall after a stormFeel refreshed after it rainsGrow strong without noticeBe prepared for each...
    DataQuick, a tracking firm, reported today, that the California home sales count for the month of December 2009 rose 10.6% from the December 2008 figures.  Home prices also posted gains.The reported numbers tallied, also illustrate totals were up 16.7% from November.The median price paid for...
It's no secret Sacramentans are in need of a little comfort and respit, from the stormy weather we have been experiencing.  Here's a favorite Chili recipe I sometimes cook on days like this.  Adding Carrot and Mango makes it a little different than most chilis - I hope you enjoy - perhaps even fo...

Myrl Jeffcoat

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