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I am a retired Greater Sacramento Realtor. My career spanned 40 years beginning in 1981, and ending in 2021. MY INTERESTS & HOBBIES: In addition to family activities, I am active in a Sacramento history group, and a local Sacramento area genealogy group. I actively research several family names. I also have a special love of cooking. For several years, I worked at an international software development company, which was represented by people from all over the globe. During that time, I was fortunate enough to learn special recipes from a number of them. They include, Indian, Caribbean, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, Romanian, Hungarian, Irish, and Carolina "Low Country" recipes. I have developed a special interest in mixing certain recipes from varying ethnic groups to create unique recipes and combinations not usually seen. Another of my favorite pastimes is gardening. And, I often find myself spending hours in my garden, and wondering where time has gone! I am interested in photography and cameras. This interest began as a child, and has remained and was perpetuated in my Real Estate career, family activities, and travel. Last but not least, I enjoy travel - both foreign and domestic.
I want to take this opportunity to honor and pay tribute to all mothers everywhere!  Without your nurturing hands, the generations would not, or could not continue. I am hopeful on this special day, mothers will be able to spend time with family or loved ones. If not in person, at least though so...
After a morning swim, and a little gardening in my yard, I entered my kitchen, hungry.One thing I enjoy this time of year, is finding fresh Fava beans and freshly harvested garlic at my local Farmers Market. Together with Andouille sausage, they made for a delightful lunch today.It was simple put...
Yesterday afternoon, 10 of my family members gathered to celebrate a milestone birthday for my youngest grandkid.  Sophia is turning 18.There was a wonderful vegetable soup that my daughter Jill and grandkid Macie, cooked up.  There was a charcuterie board that granddaughter Isabella created.  Al...
I'm pretty sure I managed the daily recommended 10,000 steps yesterday. Although a bit breezy, the weather was gorgeous in the Greater Sacramento area. So, my daughter (Jill) and her friend (Dora), along with my grandkid (Macie) and I, jumped into the car and headed for the campus at University o...
Are you continuing to do this? What," you ask? Real estate agents often profusely market homes with flyers and real estate ads which contain a great deal of information, but often purposefully exclude price. In the past it was done because we hoped our flyers and yard signs would make our phone r...
Social Networking - Is it as effective of a marketing tool as we think, or are we simply evolving into beings that avoid real face to face communication? I've shuffled around awhile.  Without telling you my exact age, I will explain that I'm a pre-boomer, pre-gen-x, and just about pre anything th...
Sacramento experienced warmer temps and blue skies today. After, a session on the torture machines at my local health club, I took a drive to nearby Old Town Folsom. The quaint shops, restaurants, cafes. brewery and wineries have a little something for everybody. However, today, it was a visit t...
After a busy morning, I was looking for something entertaining this afternoon.  For those of you who have Netflix, you might enjoy viewing the flick, "Don't Look Up."The description states the following: "Two astronomers go on a media tour to warn humankind of a planet-killing comet hurtling towa...
On this very special day, I want to take the opportunity to wish you and your family, the most Joyous of Holidays, and a prosperous New Year.Looking back through this past year, I count as one of my most treasured blessings, my connection with the ActiveRain community, and all of you.  The friend...
I'm feeling snug as a bug in a rug tonight. The storm door has opened in Sacramento, and it is currently raining hard outside. But, I have all the comforts of home. Moments ago, I was out driving through my neighborhood, soaking in all the holiday sparkle. Puddled rain on the avenue mirrored holi...

Myrl Jeffcoat

Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired
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