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The PrinterBees blog on Active Rain is all about helping Realtors® find the best marketing for the market of the moment. We are honored to serve thousands of real estate agents in their quest for great real estate marketing and hope our contributions on Active Rain inspire those we work with and those who don't work with us yet to soar in their marketing efforts.
Video is hot, hot, hot. People love to watch them, and marketing of any kind that includes video tends to be more successful than marketing that does not.As we move into the busy season, it’s time to take advantage of video to promote your listings. By using listing videos, you can showcase the b...
As Realtors®, we tend to understand the market that we’re working in. We know what the comps for a home are, and we know how quickly the market is moving in that area.That doesn’t mean that home sellers listen to our advice. Unfortunately, we often have to engage in a significant amount of negoti...
One thing I see over and over when it comes to real estate marketing is that Realtors® wait until the last minute to send their marketing.They know it’s important. They know they need to do consistent outreach to have a consistent business. But month after month, they scramble trying to pull toge...
Do you say “Thanks” enough?If you’re like most of us, you probably don’t. There are so many times when someone does something for you that you end up taking a lot of it for granted.Because we all do this, a sincere “Thank you” can really make a big impression on someone. This is even more true if...
A friend of mine who I'll call Sue is working on an out-of-state move. She’s finishing her PhD and has a position doing research at a different university. She’s really excited!She’s been chatting with a real estate agent about this move, and things had been going fine. In fact, Sue was supposed ...
Don’t you wish you could reach everyone in your target neighborhood without having to shell out money each year for an updated mailing list?Guess what – you can! Not only can you hit everyone in your farm area, but you can also extend your reach into other areas quickly and easily. Of course, I’m...
Hey everyone, I have BIG NEWS!My right-hand woman, Nicole, who helps run the office here at PrinterBees, has just gotten married! Getting married is a big change, and I’m so excited for her and her new husband. We’ll be updating her name in all of our materials to show “Nicole Schmidt,” instead o...
Are you ready for warmer weather and sunshine? A lot of us CAN’T WAIT! (Florida, California, and the Southwest, you just hush now.)One of the best things about spring as a Realtor® is that it’s the beginning of money-making season! You want to be positioned to take full advantage of it, so be sur...
Was I the only one completely confused on Wednesday, March 13th when I couldn’t comment on anyone’s posts on Facebook? I do a lot of our marketing on social media, and I was getting odd errors all day.Oh well. I’ll just use Instagram.Wait, what? That’s down TOO??I finally had to jump on Twitter t...
As a Realtor®, it pays – literally – to have people talking about you. You want to be top-of-mind and you want folks to send you business and referrals.When you think about all the noise on social media, though, it can seem difficult to get people to really promote you. You can’t afford to be sli...

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