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The PrinterBees blog on Active Rain is all about helping Realtors® find the best marketing for the market of the moment. We are honored to serve thousands of real estate agents in their quest for great real estate marketing and hope our contributions on Active Rain inspire those we work with and those who don't work with us yet to soar in their marketing efforts.
Spring is right around the corner – I can feel it!Business is about to be booming, and there’s so much to do to get ready. But before we dive headlong into all of that, why not think about the bigger picture?Your business is all about helping buyers and sellers while making a great income. But th...
Do you feel like your job is invading every part of your life – even your personal and family time? If so, you’re not alone. However, you might think that that’s “just the way it is,” when you’re a Realtor®.Good news – it doesn’t have to be!You can set boundaries around your work and actually imp...
In much of the country, we are tired of winter!! It even snowed in Arizona, for goodness sake!Some people feed their spring fever with seed catalogs, but we’re a bit different – we like to start thinking about the spring selling season! Farming postcards are a vital way to stay connected to your ...
There are a lot of ways to be present in a target neighborhood, or farm area. You can send farming postcards regularly, share on social media, make phone calls, and much more.However, there’s something to be said for being physically present. Being face-to-face brings a unique personal connection...
I recently talked about three niches that can help you build your business in 2019. However, there are far more than three places to focus.Here are three more ideas for choosing a smaller portion of the market to make into your expertise. Remember, you don’t need to worry about losing customers –...
Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but the demands of your life are completely unique. It can be frustrating to try to get everything done!This is especially true for Realtors®, because you have to work odd hours to accommodate showings and open houses, along with being in the office during...
I unexpectedly walked into some controversy with my last post about how to effectively show a home. I talked a lot about how a buyer’s agent should highlight the positives of the home to help the buyer seem themselves in it.Some of the comments I got included “You sound like you’re selling the ho...
As you walk a buyer through a potential home, what’s going through your mind?Are you thinking about other work you have to do when this is over? Are you kind of in a rush? If so, don’t be down on yourself – it’s really common.As buyers agents, we don’t always think about the importance of selling...
How do you get new clients?If you’ve been following PrinterBees for a while, you know there are a lot of answers to that question! We recommend a combination of tactics where you combine print marketing with in-person outreach and social media marketing.But there’s another way to build your busin...
So far this year we’ve talked a lot about how to make 2019 an incredibly successful year in your real estate business.But there’s something else on my mind – things I see Realtors® do that hold them back. So today I’m sharing five things you should NOT do if you want to have a great year in real ...

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