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Should You Short Sale Your Home?   No homeowner imagines that they will face a foreclosure when they buy a new home. However, the real estate market crash and the economic downturn combined plunged a large number of homeowners into the long process of losing their homes. What is worse is that the...
If you are exploring the idea of a Nashville short sale, you may be wondering, "can I do a short sale on a home that is an investment property or a home that was my primary residence, but is now rented." There are many people in Nashville and Middle Tennessee that bought investment real estate bu...
If you are a home owner considering a short sale, you may be wondering "why would the bank approve my short sale instead of foreclosing?"  This is a common question among my Nashville Short sale clients.  The fact of the matter is, statistically banks recoup more of their money with a short sale ...
It is not uncommon for sellers to have more than one mortgage on their home.  Sellers often ask us "Can I do a short sale if I have two mortgages?"  The simple answer is yes! Sellers attempting to do a short sale with more than one mortgage on their property fall into two categories.  1) Those th...
One of the most common questions I get asked when discussing short sales with a prospective seller is, "How much will a short sale affect my credit?"  This is a loaded question and there is no definitive answer.  A quick Google search for this query yielded responses that ranged from "not at all"...
Many of my short sale clients want to know if the bank will require them to sign a promissory note as a part of their short sale approval.  A promissory note on a short sale is an unsecured note requiring the Borrower to pay back the deficiency (or a portion of the deficiency) over a period of ti...
As an experienced short sale agent in Nashville and the surrounding areas, I often get asked what makes someone eligible for a short sale.  It is not enough to simply be underwater on the property.  Just because the home is worth less than the outstanding mortgage balance does not qualify a home ...
As a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) and a Real Estate Specialist with extensive short sale experience, I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge with others.  If you are a real estate agent or a homeowner that has questoins about Nashville Short Sales, contact me today.  Our systems ...

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