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I work with strategic partners that is looking for a trusting relationship, looking for that team player approach to business & looking and sharing ideas in how to be unique. I take the positive approach to the challenges of our professions. Embracing change, accepting change and taking everyday as a new beginning. Trusted advisors are looking for those solutions, the missing piece to someone's puzzle and saying, "I have it!"



The Northern Lights in Michigan are breathtaking. If you have not been here you have to visit. If you are thinking of living here this is one of many reasons to live in Michigan. Beautiful Northern Lights just light up the sky's in Michigan. Where are your favorite place that give you the feeling...
WORD OF MOUTH BUSINESS. WHO DO YOU KNOW                                                                               THAT I SHOULD KNOW?   My last couple of appointments I have had have been absolutely awesome. In fact, the last one I had I referred out 5 referrals for my one client. It is so im...

Natalie De Leo

Former Realtor now Mortgage Consultants
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A place to share your day's challenges & your success stories. Business partners coming together to work on building trusted relationships. Finding the solutions to the everyday changes of the real estate and mortgage industries.