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I work with strategic partners that is looking for a trusting relationship, looking for that team player approach to business & looking and sharing ideas in how to be unique. I take the positive approach to the challenges of our professions. Embracing change, accepting change and taking everyday as a new beginning. Trusted advisors are looking for those solutions, the missing piece to someone's puzzle and saying, "I have it!"
To help get this extended call, email or fax your Senate and Congress with your opinion.  Article on Tax Credit Closing Deadline Extension: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gyeaY6RTkGpP0yC5IUaTXUXLpe6AD9G8L0080 http://www.house.gov/ Enter your zip+4 to find your local rep  Senato...
                                                                                                                    We were on a webinar yesterday given by an attorney who specializes in short sales.   It has been brought to their attention that in the fine print of the HAFA program (Federal shor...
We have just seen a change that some of the banks are enforcing. The FHA flipping rule that went into affect on 2/1/2010 states that if a seller lists and sells a house before 90 days of him purchasing the property and he sells it for over 20% of the seller's acquisition cost. The bank will requi...
How did you answer these questions for your own business?  Being confident in my business is__________________________________________.  I know one of the greatest traits in a business partner is______________________.  Within each of us is a hidden store of_______________________________________...
Everyone thinks that the 90 day wavier to the flip rule opens the door  to alot more purchases. Well Agents and Client's beware of the rules! I had a transaction that was signed on 2/1/10. Home is cuter then can be. The buyer was willing to pay what ever it took to get the home. The were multiple...
  Left and right more people are taking the easier road if it is really easy and leaving their homes behind. I spoke with an agent that knocks on people's doors on behalf of the lender and offers 2,000 to 4,000 for them to leave now so that they don't destroy the home. Would you take the offer o...
Just 3 weeks after the end of a historical year in our industries now on January 20th I get an email that states: FHA Commissioner David Stevens held a press conference to announce continued fundamental procedural and future legislative program changes. 3 critical priorities: * Produce adequate c...
  On January 15th HUD announced the wavier of the 91 day rule. The 91 day rule will take a rest for about 1 year now. Feb. 1, 2010 to Feb. 1 2011. Great news is that those investors that have their heart it improving properties and selling to those people that want to move right into a home do no...
.........clear vision of how 2010 is going to look. What did you learn in 2009 that you can apply to 2010 to make it a better more productive and more organized year. Most people find that one of their top goals set for 2010 are: 1. Be more organized 2. Make more money/ more transactions this ye...
I went into an Office Max to purchase ink for the printer. When I made it through the line the gentleman waiting on me asked if I had a Max Perks Card? I said, "I do but since they do not take cartridges in the store for credit I do not go on line. It is probably a mistake on my part but I just d...

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