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I work with strategic partners that is looking for a trusting relationship, looking for that team player approach to business & looking and sharing ideas in how to be unique. I take the positive approach to the challenges of our professions. Embracing change, accepting change and taking everyday as a new beginning. Trusted advisors are looking for those solutions, the missing piece to someone's puzzle and saying, "I have it!"
Everyone everywhere looks for place to go and share experiences and also looks for places to go to bounce off ideas. Everyone's goal is to make the world a better place. Let's do it here as well as Linked In. We now have a large group of active members that have joined Linked In and it would be a...
I would like to share with you one of the tips on building a referral business, from my chapter,"The 30 Day Total Business Makeover." Then I asked my clients to introduce me to this person.  First, I'd ask them if they would make the initial call to introduce me. They always say, "Sure I will." I...
Banks have to give you a 45 day notice of interest changes or credit limits cut. So for the last few days banks have been pulling surprises of all of us. Boy it is very embarassing when my husband and I went into a store to make a purchase. My husband thought that we could rack up a few points f...
How much more can the guidelines be squeezed for homeowners buying homes? Well, Banks may have tightened up guidelines when is comes to the financing of condo's but did you know that Fannie Mae's underwriting guidelines restrict credit to condo projects that have a 15% deliquency rate. In other w...
Anyone can pick the wrong company to do a job! Without the proper investigation, a reliable and trusted referral source, or careful questioning we can make a big mistake costing us a lot of time and money, not to mention hours of frustration. Why am I sharing this caution with you? Because it hap...
It is said that some people just bring out the best in people. What brings the best out in you?The sunny days? A long walk just to get refocused? Being with that special someone? A visit from an old friend?It has been said that when you are positive and focused you will attact the same people. Ju...
If you believe in yourself, you can make it happen. That's all you need is the confidence to believe the you have the knowledge and no how to make a difference. Butof course the willingness to follow through on whatever needs to be done on your part is crucial.If we do not take it upon ourselves ...
5 KEY FACTORS TO CREDIT SCORING & HOW YOU CAN AVOID PAYING MORE FOR YOUR LOAN  The model of credit scoring seeks the likelihood or the consumer being able to pay off a debt in a timely manner. Score range from 300 to 900. Most consumers have credit scores ranging from 400 to 850. The higher the s...
                       Today is a day of opportunity--opportunities to educate our clients and referral partners.  This may seem boring or mundane to some, but to those who have consistently made education a vital part of their business, it is most exciting!  Education remains the most important ...
 I am promising to tackle every challenge for my client's best interest at heart. Communication and keeping everyone on the same page throughout the transaction of purchasing a home is key.I am promising to support my client's and their business with 120% effort. I will broaden their horizons and...

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