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That's right, until April 2011, if you are purchasing a property in Allen County (Indiana) or many of the surrounding counties, you can be a repeat buyer & still qualify for the MORTGAGE CREDIT CERTIFICATE (MCC) program!  It can be worth up to $2,000 EVERY YEAR on your taxes!!!  Contact me at 260...
I have partnered with HBMII to be able to offer a unique service FREE to all my customers.  It is called the Home Buyers Scouting Report & it is like an MLS home search but on steroids!  The amount of information a customer can see when they use it is incredible plus the map features are so inclu...
***ALERT*** ***BUYER BEWARE!!!*** If you are considering attending any real estate or mortgage related motivational speaking engagements by either Steve Branham or Brian Tracy of the "Not Satisfied Tour" doing business as "Not Satisfied LLC", DON'T BUY A TICKET UNLESS YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU CAN MA...
We are HIGHLY recommending first time homebuyers have an accepted purchase agreement NO LATER THAN 10/15/09  so you can get closed by the end of November & not miss out on the federal $8,000 tax credit!  NOW is the time to be looking for your first home!!!
Nathan Gaier & John Gaier of The Gaier Team at Hallmark Home Mortgage continue to be one of the few lenders in the Fort Wayne area still offering the MCC (Mortgage Credit Certificate) program!  It can be used with FHA loans, conventional loans & USDA loans!  Please contact me at ngaier@hallmarkho...
I wanted to let you know I will be making another radio guest appearance on WOWO AM 1190.  It will be on this Monday morning, 10/6, at 7:05am with Charlie Butcher & the topic will be "How difficult is it to get a mortgage today?"  I hope you have a chance to listen live! Have a great weekend, Nat...
Hallmark Home Mortgage has recently added Mortgage Consultants in Indianapolis, IN to our team!  We now have approximately 50 employees with 6 offices & an average of 16 years of mortgage industry experience per employee!  Somehow we have found a way to grow when ever...
As of today, we only have 2 investors left that we can still lock loan with that are getting the 3% downpayment paid for by the seller.  One of these investors says the loan must be locked by this Friday 8/29 & the other investors says it just must be registered (with a property address) by this ...
I have just had an opportunity to review a summary of the new housing bill that was put together by the Mortgage Bankers Association.  It appears that we will still be able to utilize the Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs for all loans "credit approved" prior to 10/1/2008.  So now we know ou...
The following link is of my recent radio interview on WOWO 1190 in Fort Wayne, IN. The interview was primarily about short sales and possible Freddie Mac/ Fannie Mae new rules on how long someone has to wait to be able to get a mortgage. The interview was on 6/23/08. Enjoy! Nathan Also...

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