I came across this info and checked it out -- and some of it is really worthwhile, especially the language section.Study anthropology or the history of jazz, gain new skills related to your job, learn a new language, or just study subjects that interest you -- all for FREE -- online. Some of the ...
I know MOST of you ARers are pretty internet saavy, however -- this is still useful as I'm surprised at how many times I see somebody send me an email that shows the entire list of recipients.So, here's the ticket:When you send an e-mail, you have three choices in the way you list your recipients...
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With the internet, blogs, and newsletters -- frankly -- there's too much information. And not much of it seems useful until it relates to something that affects you now. For example, a travel tip about flying may not get noticed until you booked that fight to Maui. Suddenly, that tip may get read...
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I'll preface this blog with the fact I am biased -- I'm in the email and print newsletter marketing business. With that being said, I wanted to get some feedback from actual workers in the field about the pros and cons of these communication tools. Here's what I have so far: BLOGS - Pros & Cons-F...
Yes, technology changes, but some things stay the same. People like to know you want their business. But, it takes more than a phone call once a year or an occasional postcard. Give them something every month -- something that informs, educates, and most importantly, entertains them. If you make ...

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