Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. -- Pablo Picasso Cool/Free/Fun/Trendy: Color Cop If you've ever done any desktop publishing or web design, or simply tried to personalize some letterhead or email with custom colors, you've probably had to guess because you didn't have the exact h...
Newsletter Sample With Personal Content - Real Estate Update - Buyers & Seller's Corner - Home Improvement - Trivia Challenge - Upcoming Movie Releases - Travel Tips - Technology Corner - Cool/Free/Fun/Trendy - Unsubscribe December 2...
OK, I'm sure you're not spending more than 10 hours a day blooging on AR -- so I thought I'd share some other blogging tools with you so suck up the other 14 hours of the day.Blog this, blog that, blog, blog, blog. Unless you've been hiding in a cave somewhere, you've probably heard about this te...
If you're anything like me, you have great intentions of spending quality time with your spouse and kids. But, when you actually get that free moment, you spend too much time trying to figure out what to do. And, sometimes the time between figuring out what to do and starting to do it -- somethin...
 We want to create a personalized, email newsletter for you -- for FREE -- so you can evaluate it, and possibly become a customer.Click here to fill out a very short form and get your sample: I think you'll like what you see -- and yo...
Like your 3rd grade teacher often said: "Look it up."A useful and fun online tool, Wikipedia, is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. You may not want it to be your only source for information, but it's very handy for getting quick information on thousands of topics. Check it out at: http://...
Does anybody know if you can have a domain name like The NAR website isn't clear. Looking for input. Thanks.
If one of your marketing goals is to effectively use your website and email to get more business, at some point you will need subscriber management software, also known as campaign management software. There are thousands of companies out there that do this, but in my opinion, Constant Contact is...
Having trouble making a decision? Not sure what your next step should be? Maybe you should take a survey.I came across this tool and found it quite useful -- for times you need a little allows anyone to create professional online surveys quickly and easily. You can create m...
Now that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving and Christmas are on our minds, it's time to gear up for holiday those holiday shindigs, gatherings, and other social gatherings.Creating, sending and managing guest lists can be exhaustive. However, using Evite makes it sooooo much easier.Evite is a fr...

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