Recently one of our clients was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is very difficult understanding why this wonderful, loving and energetic person has received this terrible news. Her prognosis is great and Bob and I are wishing her a full and speedy recovery. We wanted to share this news with our ...
Bob and I have recently added some great new listings!  In addition, a few houses that were in contract are now fully available as the buyers were unable to sell their own properties. Please visit our website at We would love the chance to find you your dream home! We are a Tea...
Today Bob and I are writing our 100 th blog post on ActiveRain. We just wanted to take a chance to thank all of our new ActiveRain friends;) Blogging and reading others posts on ActiveRain has given us some great new ideas and has provided us with support during this tough time in the real estate...
As technology advances are made, people may change how they approached certain topics. For example, the Internet has made it very easy for potential customers to price shop. If you are considering buying a flat screen TV you may compare the prices at Best Buy, Target and surrounding online before...
Bob and I hope everyone has a very Happy 4th of July! This holiday should remind us all about how lucky we are to enjoy the many freedoms that we have, and sometimes take for granted! To all of the US soldiers helping to preserve our freedom - THANK YOU.  From the bottom of our hearts.
Wishing all the Activerain Dads a very Happy Father's Day!!!!!
Our son Nicky recently got engaged to a wonderful girl named Danielle.  The two of them are perfect for each other and really make an adorable pair! We couldn't be happier and we thought we would share the news with our activerain friends. If anyone has any great wedding advice or ideas for the w...
The sun is shining, the sky is blue and I am excited for the nice weather after a week of rainy weather!!!  I hope everyone enjoys there weekend.  Remember if you drive by a property you are interested in let me know and I would be happy to show it to you!
Itseems like Twitter is the next big thing!!!  I hear about it on the radio, on TV and even Oprah who  I love, has a Twitter account. I created and account and I am looking for Twitter tips:) I would love to become Twitter Savvy but I don't find the site to be very user friendly.  I am hoping my ...
Have you heard the great news?!?!?!?!  Prudential Rand Realty is now Better Homes and Garden Rand Realty!!!  This is very exciting news and Bob and I are very excited about our new affiliation. We thought we would share this great news with our Activerain friends!!!!

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