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The real estate network that has the most competitive advantages to offer homebuyers and sellers will be an industry leader. RE/MAX is that leader. Thanks to its global network and stellar reputation, it's no wonder people turn to RE/MAX when they embark on the home buying or selling process.



Is your home more than 7 years old? You may want to call your local Electric Company and see if they offer any energy audits. 
You should learn how to work with the market as any prospective buyer might. This is also valuable advice for those planning to invest. Read this article for informative tips that will ease the process of purchasing real estate. 
As you clean out your attic and closets, you might find yourself neck-deep in bell-bottom jeans, polyester leisure suits, dusty garden gnomes and heaps of old toys – not to mention that collection of velvet dolphin paintings you inherited from your grandmother. You know you want to get rid of it ...
Beware, so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance. -Jean de La Fontaine
Curb Appeal Before you sell, ensure you capture your home's potential 'wow' factor, Whether you're trying to sell your home, rent your house or simply "wow" your neighbors, nothing makes a more dramatic impression than your curb appeal.  First impressions mean everything, and when people lay eyes...
For those days when even the snow angels are shivering, it’s good to have an emergency list of fun indoor boredom-busting activities for kids other than the TV. See if any of these activities might appeal to your little ones. 
How about having a beautiful home on the water in Florida. That can earn you income when you can not be here. How does that sound? Well Nick & Cindy Davis understand what investing in Real Estate is about. So we have put all the properties in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas in one place for y...
What are the signs of a Qualified REALTOR? Also, what qualifies a REALTOR to advise you in the sale/ purchase of your home? We know our doctors have to attend medical school and pledge the Hippocratic Oath to treat us and our lawyers have to earn their degree and pass the bar. Even Shelly here ca...
No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.-Robin Williams
Now that you’ve settled into your new home, it’s time to the meet the neighbors. Here are a few tips to break the ice & meet your New Neighbors. Go ahead, don’t be shy!  

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