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Ok so I put out a post a couple of days ago about hosting my first open house. I was absolutely asounded by the amount of advice given to me by all of you! It went well and I thought I would just share some of the amazing and generous adivce that was given to me by some of you nice ActiveRainers....
So I'm hosting my first open house tomorrw. I'm sort of nervous and very curious to know if it is a waste of my time or not. Any advice and tips you can offer a brand new and very young Realtor about hosting his very first open house would be much appreciated. I am looking forward to all of your ...
The GAR convention this year IS being held on the Sandestin resort just outside of Destin, Florida! It's so much fun and I'm learning lots of great stuff. I really feel like we are gonna be able to recruit a few new franchisees while here. And the weather here is so beautiful that no matter what ...
You know, I went to hear this speach Wed. about how to effectively over come objections and CLOSE MORE SALES. It was actually pretty helpfull, and, even though I had heard much of what Mr. Mark McClure had to say, it is always good to refresh your memory. So I wanted to share a couple  of things ...
So only a few days ago I posted a blog asking if it was possible for a new agent to survive in todays market, and, if  so, what should they do. Well the response from seasoned agents and new agents alike was overwhelming. I have compiled the tips that I collected in the comments on that blog into...
So as I have mentioned before I'm still brand new to the real estate game. I'm very interested in hearing what all of you think about what it takes for a new agent to survive in this market. Or even if a new agent CAN survive in this market. Maybe after I get all of your ideas we can put togethor...
Just posted a blog about it on our Gwinnett Dwellings site. Check it out and share your thoughts.
Ok, I just signed up for twitter. That is a pretty crazy little application. I wonder if it's actually effective at generating business or am I just missing the point of twitter..... Please advise BTW you can "follow" me at
So I'm only 22 and you would think that because I'm so young I would be really tech-savvy amd know everything about all of this Social Networking and and Web 2.0 stuff. But I don't. I'm sitting in a Blogging and Social Networking tutorial sesion right now and am realizing more than ever that I'm ...

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