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I received a disclosure from an REO agent. requesting my buyers and their lenders to sign. But there's a sentence in the disclosure that I don't feel comfortable w/ this sentence states "1. Executed Contracts- it can take from 1-30 days for seller to execute the contract. Proceed with loan approv...
How does one become a sales professional? People seem to have the notion that a sales person is born that way and it just comes naturally. The reality is that selling is an art or craft. A true sales professional is not getting people to buy what they don't want but is getting the customer to buy...
I have a few short sales through Bank Of America. Some of them with offers processed since June. On December 21st I called to just do a follow up. everything was fine. January I call and now I need to initiate offer throught equator which is or was reotrans. My client "homeowner" had to call a 1-...
Sold "as-is" is a prohibited disclaimer - sell property "as-disclosed" (taken from my Ethics Book) I'm taking my renewal classes and this is what I find in my Ethics Book, How do I avoid that statement all bank owned properties are sold "AS IS" below is the rest of the information taken from my ...
Late one afternoon, I get a phone call from my first-time buyer who closed in October of 2008. He says that he received a letter to pay $25 to have his property reassessed.Property purchase was 250,000 it was valued at 535,000. I asked him to read the letter which he did. Luckily, I had watch a n...
Things that use to make me mad.... cross-qualifying with Countrywide and Wells Fargo and different bank owned properties. It was really frustrating because by the time I would finaly get my cross- qualification letter the house, we were going to offer on went pending.Or the loan officer denied me...
Congress is nearing a final vote on an economic stimulus package that is expected to include changes to the existing first time home buyer tax credit that was enacted in July of 2008.It is expected that this legislation will be sent to the White House for the President's signature by President's ...
As home values across the country continue to plummet, the authorities say a new breed of swindler is preying on the tens of thousands of homeowners desperate to avoid foreclosure.Until recently, defrauders tried to bilk homeowners out of the equity in their homes. Now, with that equity often dri...

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