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Are Realtors Required To Enter The House When Showing Their Buyers? Imagine selling your home for a moment. Would you expect the Realtor working with the buyer to accompany them throughout the entire showing? I would. There's a practice (don't ask me why) where some agents unlock the front door a...
Imagine a potential client emailing YOU and then be responded to by one of your competitors. It happens. And it will continue to happen. This isn't a Halloween joke, it's a real problem that we should all be more aware of.  When our real estate careers are born, we almost immediately think of a n...
An agent I know is in the middle of what might be a small claims lawsuit. Seller X has 4 cats and recently listed her home. The showing instructions make no mention of there being cats in the home. A few days later the buyer, Betty Bookmark showed up with her agent, Top Selling Todd. Unbeknownst ...
When my buyer (and most other buyers) attend a home inspection on the home they are purchasing they prefer that the seller and listing agent are not present. The buyer, the buyer’s agent and the inspector need to be able to discuss the findings and talk about possible resolutions without being in...
Every month baby Realtors come shooting of the real estate womb like a cannon ball. I remember desperately looking for solutions, answers and of course, clients. Over the last ten years I've been lucky enough to find mentors, Activerain (virtual mentor) and a lot of friends in the business who ha...
It's a new trend, and it makes a lot of creepy, but wise sense. The buyer's agent who doesn't want his commission. He'll represent himself and stipulate that the listing agent keep every penny. All six percent (or whatever the listing agreement says.)  But why? The buyer in this situation is an i...
A buyer has just walked into your home and while you're not there, she and her boyfriend have decided to take multiple pictures of your bedroom, including the one's belonging to your children. What if the boyfriend took pictures & video of the master bedroom along with the master closet? Toss in ...
My wife has kept my real estate emergency kit packed and ready for the last 10 years. Agents are always getting caught in situations where they might need a "thing or two." There's times where we think we're going home at 6, but then end up leaving the office at ten. I may have added a thing or t...
1. Is it okay for me to use the toilet while viewing homes?Yes, home sellers are prepped and told up-front to be prepared for people to use their bathrooms.  2. Can I eat the cookies or grab me a bottle of water? Unless the snacks and bottles of water are clearly displayed, it isn't acceptable to...
One of the most important aspects of my duties is to be able to negotiate the best price, terms and set of conditions for my client. Over the last ten years I've learned a lot about myself and about people in general. It's almost always a give and take as they say. It's important to look at the b...

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