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Every once in a while I hear of "new ways to promote an open house." To be honest, most of them are stuipid ideas. Here are some real life examples I've seen and heard of: 1.  Door knock to all the neighbors letting them know of the upcoming Open House.Keep in mind the purpose of an open house is...
A few month's back I helped a pair of super duper clients buy the home of their dreams. They loved it. Every square inch. But that's not why I talked them into offering full-price when I knew it was stupidly overpriced. The home was listed for $500,000.0 but it "comped out" at $435,000.00. The ow...
When you're trying to sell your home the very last thing you should do is make upfront demands or offer any kind of negative insults to agents who will be showing your property.More often than not, home sellers don't even sign off on, or approve these "seller instructions." Many times these are r...
Proudly displayed at eye level in Sheena's office is a plaque that reads...Member of the Red Hand Club. Nobody in Sheena's office knows what this award is for but her. On the other side of the room there's a photo of Sheena standing next to what appears to be a country western singer who's handin...
In Texas we have a form that requires the signature of both the seller and the listing agent before a listing can be correctly and technically terminated. Terminating the listing agreement allows the seller to "list with a new brokerage" without any strings attached to the previous brokerage. Mos...
When is the last time you heard of a Realtor paying to list someones house? As crazy as it sounds, it's happening. Typically there are two real estate agents working a deal, but the listing agent is usually the one willing and able to negotiate their commission from the seller. A Realtor I know w...
Every home buyer should take advantage of conducting a final walk-thru of the home they are purchasing. If for some reason it isn't possible, then the buyers agent should at the very least perform it for their buyers. Last week one of my buyers and I conducted a final walk and were greeted to wha...
I typed my first blog in 2008 and have been hanging around ever since. AR has literally changed my real estate life. To be truthful, it helped kick my career in the pants that started in 2004. So much has happened in my life since my first blog our listings say.. "Too Many Upgrades To M...
To be frank, I don't care WHO inspects the house. If the buyer feels good hiring their spiritual advisor or "buddy" to inspect the home, that's perfectly fine. There's just one simple problem...If you aren't a licensed Home Inspector by the state you have almost NO CHANCE of having your repair re...
Of course you can sue the seller. As the saying goes, "you can sue a ham sandwich." I won't get into specifics, but an agent I met yesterday told me (several years ago) while she was showing a house, she fell down, broke both of her legs, and ultimately "sued the seller." Her financial settlement...

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