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Of course you can sue the seller. As the saying goes, "you can sue a ham sandwich." I won't get into specifics, but an agent I met yesterday told me (several years ago) while she was showing a house, she fell down, broke both of her legs, and ultimately "sued the seller." Her financial settlement...
The offer of compensation to the agent working with a home buyer is advertised on the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS. That amount can vary from market-to-market, but the usual in our area is 3%. That's all but a routine factual sight when a buyer's agent searches for properties. But every now a...
I spend a lot of time on Facebook, Google + and Twitter, but mostly Facebook. Last week I noticed an agent talking about her "heavier periods,"  Her "public" thread has since been deleted and she's also changed her settings on Facebook. Another post that sometimes catches my attention is when a m...
A Realtor friend of mine just sent me an email about "Zillow" and their inaccuracies. For the record, THIS home is not for sale at the price of 209k.  It's been priced at 899,900 and according to the MLS / Archive report, there have been zero price changes.   If there were ever a reason for the h...
When the market crashed in 2008 I wasn't ready, but I was fortunate. At the time I had been licensed for about 5 years and had worked hard at creating my business. I was all but forced into an "all referral" type of life. I had to cut expenses, trim the fat and find new ways to generate leads tha...
Last week one of my listings went under contract and the other agent (one who represents the buyer) dropped a bomb on me. His buyer elected to use ScarryHomeInspections. Just about every agent in Houston knows that ScarryHomeInspections types up on average an 80-100 page report. The inspection is...
Can a home seller and Realtor co-market the listing successfully? 1. The seller can help the home selling process by posting the Realtors fliers at the office and directing all 2nd tier real estate questions to their agent.2. Home sellers should take full advantage of free avenues through social ...
Sancho has serviced Betty's lawn, garden and handyman needs for several years. By all accounts, Sancho is the "go to guy" for all of Betty's honey do lists. One day while Sancho was pruning the fruit trees in Betty's backyard something unusual was observed in his peripheral vision. Sancho noticed...
The Urban dictionary defines the word dumbass as "someone who looks up the word "dumbass." What is a rejected offer in real estate? Can a seller just flat out reject my offer? Why didn't they just "counter?" Lets go there and pick apart what makes you, your offer and your agent a potential dumbas...
Should I list my home with a Realtor who doesn't work on Sunday's? I wouldn't. It's like hiring a nurse who passes out at the site of needles. Clearly she's in the wrong profession. It sort of reminds me of the restaurant that doesn't serve wine or spirits. What's the point? Real estate is a 7 da...

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