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Recently I helped a client rent a newer built home. Unbeknownst to the both of us, the water smelled like rotten eggs. A home inspection isn't part of the process when you're considering moving forward on a rental property. To say this could have been known before the contract was signed is hardl...
Over the years I have held and attended hundreds of open houses. Some are fantastically boring and others are incredibly fun - depending which builder is giving away the wine, catered food and bizarre entertainment. I once witnessed a guy who stayed in a frozen position for 10 minutes at a time. ...
I have an American Express Credit card with USAA. One of the perks is a free "Home Value Monitoring System." The service is about as useful as a Zillow Zestimate. Basically it's unreliable and should not be used to determine anything. The value of my home is actually 10% higher than the "VALUE" t...
The biggest complaint in real estate is a lack of communication.  It doesn't surprise me. Throughout the course of a real estate transaction there are easily over 15 people associated with the file in one way or another. The Realtor representing the seller is communicating with the title company,...
"Can I use their bathroom?" The answer from me has always been YES. You can use the home sellers toilet. Home sellers should be prepared for buyers, their agents, the home inspector, the appraiser and just about ANYONE else who enters the home to "use the bathroom."Home sellers should leave adequ...
Recently I met with a homeowner about selling his home. While touring his property and discussing matters I observed what appeared to be a fresh grave in his suburban backyard. A pretty large one. The owner looked at the grave and then looked at me and said... "I can scrape off the fresh dirt so ...
When buying or selling a home it's very easy to get advice from what seems like hundreds of  different people. Insight versus real estate advice and what you do with that information matters. Sometimes people don't feel like they are providing valuable advice unless it is somehow show-stopping, d...
Before showing a buyer a home I have to "schedule an appointment" and write down the showing instructions. I also have certain obligations as a Reatlor (per our Code of Ethics). to be honest, I do my best to be considerate and polite when entering someones home. Sometimes we Realtors get so busy ...
Several years back one of the agents on my (then) team had a high end home for lease. The property was valued at over 2 million dollars. A few days after we listed it an agent submitted an application for her client, but left all the personal information blank and just wrote "HOUSTON ASTRO."Wow, ...

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