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There's a special place for people who rip off the elderly.   I did a home inspection on a property the other day. Apparently the home owners wanted to heighten their basement by excavating the basement floor by two feet.   They hired a contractor to reinforce the foundation wall. According to th...
Having a home built? How can you make sure your contractors are doing it right before your write those progress payment checks?  The Home Builders Warranty you get from the Builder covers major structural defects for 10 years but do you really want to wait and experience such a disaster if there ...
Bob "RealMan" Timm wrote a blog this summer that inspired me to share this story 'Some People Like Bees'.  Before I begin, I should say that I am aware of the significant global decline of honey bees, and have entertained and researched beekeeping in an effort help restore the population.  The be...
The Inspector’s Notes: NEW PATENT PENDING   HOME INSPECTION REPORT FEATUREby Anthony Di Iorio, Senior Inspector -  North Jersey Property Inspections, Inc.   I have a new home inspection report feature that will help protect agents and their buyers from liability when they use North Jersey Proper...
I wanted to spend some quality time with my daughter doing what she loves most...skydiving. Though I had to tandem jump after she had already exited the plane, she was there to greet me when I landed.Here are some photos...    This is where my daughter lives on the days she doesn't have to earn a...
     The Inspector’s Notes:The Benefits of   a Pre-Listing Inspectionby Anthony Di Iorio, Senior Inspector - North Jersey Property Inspections, Inc.The Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection by North Jersey Property Inspections are the rewards it offers for the seller, the Realtor and the buyer and...
The Inspector’s NotesSpring, Best Time to Check Your Roofby Anthony Di Iorio, Senior Inspector - North Jersey Property Inspections, Inc. Spring is officially here and if mother nature is in a good mood, we shouldn’t have any more snow. (crossing my fingers).  Time to send the kids out to tidy up ...
1.  Avoid Alliteration, Always.2.  Prepositions are not words to end a sentence with.3.  Avoid Cliches like the plague. They're old hat.4.  Comparisons are as bad as Cliches5.  Be more or less specific. 6.  Writers should never generalize.Seven: Be consistent!8.  Don't be redundant: don't use mor...


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