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So many people involved in real estate, it's overwhelming. Everyone seems to have a hidden agenda. Here's some good honest unbiased advice and opinions of my personal observations about real estate, technology, and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in Mount Pleasant and Charleston SC.
I can't tell you how many people are not aware of their friend lists. For those not aware of what friend lists are, Facebook describes them as a feature which allows "you to create private groupings of friends based on your personal preferences. For example, you can create a Friend List for your ...
Since my website is getting an overhaul, one of the things im looking at is how to get my site to the very top of Google... and besides the normal SEO stuff, a key component is keeping your code tight! Although it's not yet proved without doubt that W3C validation gives you better search engine r...
Question: What is endpoint protection doing to my network that will be slowing software over the network.  I have setup exceptions for the program files folders of the programs in question and the shared network drive.  Also i have setup exceptions for the myob database file exception which is ....
The blogosphere is abuzz over a newly publicized bug in Windows 7. I read about it yesterday on Chris123NT's blog, where it was described as a "critical bug in Windows 7 RTM." The story picked up momentum today when InfoWorld's Randall Kennedy (the man behind the "Save XP" Astroturf campaign) pub...
Hi Guys, Most of you probably are aware of this quick fix for the annoying "display mixed content" dialogue box that pops up in explorer... but in case you are not, the fix can be found here: Best, neil  
It's the hottest thing since Management Training and Google... and it's called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Basically, how to manipulate the Google search engine to get your name up to the top of the list, and not just once, but to saturate the whole visible portion of the page. Sounds kind ...
Sometimes you win when you lose. Great advise, agree with your client! Reminds me of college except it was the professor back then!Many Realtors around the country are facing the same problem - how to get buyers off the fence and commit to buying a home! I have had more luck recently conceding th...
Did you know? Shift Happens! The "Did you know?" AKA "Shift Happens" that was created by Jeff Brenman, Karl Finch, and Scott McLeod has been bouncing around on youtube for several months now. It has come up in conversation so many times that I I had to post it so I can say, "just check it out for...
Some of the best imperical data i have seen on Charleston real estate, posted for free, with a really nice explanation of what the numbers mean. Great stuff... kudos! Charleston Home Sales DataSeptember 2009   The Charleston Trident Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service reported 531 re...
We truly love the rich history of Charleston! Thank you for the lesson!Charleston, SC is one of the most beautiful cities in the US. It’s an enchanting place to visit and an even better place to live. The streets and front porches of Charleston are filled with rich history and culture, even to th...

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