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Let's face it, shopping for a new home is fun...for the buyer that is.  For the agent, it starts out exciting too. We want to help  find the best home within budget or given criteria.  Then after many property criticisms and rejections, or not listening to our guidance, or presenting too many unr...
Many dream downsizing our home as a well earned reward--I got to the finish line and now I can let it all go and enjoy my golden years!  Occasionally however, downsizing is met with tremendous reluctance and sadness.  This often happens to the families that face the needed transitioning of mom an...
You pull your car up to the lovely house that you are about to show a buyer.  On paper it's perfect.  It meets all the necessary criteria--number of bedrooms, number of baths, school district, etc.  Then you and your clients scan the neighborhood only to be aghast at the dilapidated house next do...
Just the thought of moving can send even the most prepared nomad into a full panic attack.  Most of the stress stems from the "fear of the unknown"--especially if their last move was 25+ years ago!  For "Downsizers," include the issue of moving from a large home to a significantly smaller home an...
"Buyer Beware."  It's the expression that makes home buyers shudder--especially the first timers.  The concept of "due diligence" in their home search and property transfer process puts the onus on them to peel the onion back far enough to uncover all of the home's issues.  They are cautious and ...
Any realtor that has been in the business for more than 5 minutes has been asked that question.  I think it is the most frequently asked real estate question after "how's the market?"  Frankly, I hate answers that are convoluted.  However, in this case there is no right or wrong answer.  If you t...
Dear Mr. Seller,I have buyers that are looking in the price range of your home.  Unfortunately however, I can't show yours.  Because you currently have an active listing contract with another agent, I can't privately tell you why.  Hopefully you will find this blog and my reasons may give you som...
Our Sphere of Influence is probably the best and easiest piece of business to secure as well as our best resource for future referrals.  In many cases, new agents need that vote of confidence from their family and friends to kick start their business.  For seasoned agents, it is upsetting when a ...
I recently experienced something I never want to experience again.  And here's the thing:  It was all my own doing.  No one to blame but myself.Ok, that was my mea culpa announcement.  Now let me tell you what happened:After almost 20 years as a real estate agent, I recently had my banner year fo...
Many years ago when I was working is Sales Promotion Marketing, I had a boss that would often say in a staff meeting:  "It is difficult to tell the client that their pet cat is really a skunk."  Of course what he meant was that telling the client any kind of negative feedback about their brand wa...

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