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was in some HUD training recently and they mentioned that most of the incentives that HUD had in place to encourage buyers ands reward buyer agents are gong away on February 1st of this year. The incentives that are being withdrawn include the $100 down financing plan as well as the owner-occupa...
“The poor get poorer by acting rich, and the rich get richer by acting poor.” (Seen on a wall plaque) Ain’t it the truth. One major contributing factor to the current real estate crisis was the number of people who tried to act rich by over reaching on their house buying. Even today, I have to c...
The real estate crisis has been in the national news for a long time - years now – however, last night on NBC News with Brian Williams they did a report on owners seeing walking away as the best option. Implicit in that strategy and explicitly reported by Williams is the failure of any of the Fed...
“The best way out is always through.” (Robert Frost) from the Jack’s Winning Words Blog. How true. We often use terms like getting around something or over something, which both have the underlying premise that one is avoiding going through that something. Well, in life, it is seldom possible to...
strong>“It’s not how you fall; it’s what you do after you get up.” (Scott Hamilton) – from the Jack’s Winning Words Blog. Scott was commenting on a fall by a figure skater. Everyone experiences a fall now and then. The recovery is the important thing. It’s not just in the sports world, but it’s i...
One of the many fascinating reports that I get on a regular basis is the Brookings Institute Metropolitan Policy Program Update – a report on urban areas and the governmental policies and programs that impact them. The latest report is entitled "The Suburbanization of Poverty." Here is an excerpt...
Have we become a “shades of grey” society, not longer able to discern moral black and white? I live in Milford, a small Midwestern village in southeastern Michigan. I live on a corner across the street from a grade school. My corner has a four way stop. It has signs in all four corners and a big ...
I got my 2009 corporate tax documents from my bookkeeper today and in with them was an explanation that Michigan is now a deadbeat state as far as the Federal Government is concerned, so I have to pay extra on my Federal Unemployment Insurance to make up for the fact that Michigan didn’t pay. Of ...
It appears that some ever-resourceful mortgage lenders are working hard at staying one step ahead of government regulations and gaming the new GFE rules through the use of new and unregulated “worksheets” and “fee estimates”. The reason that the new GFE rules were put into effect was to corral wa...
From a recently weekly feed that I get from ICONOCULTURE comes this report on the country's feelings of well being. WHAT'S HAPPENING •Beginning in January 2008, Gallup research developed the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. The index measures the comprehensive emotional, physical and fiscal he...

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