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I've been losing some listing opportunities lately because I won't play the overpricing game. I work hard to explain the current market to potential sellers, to analyze and position their home in that market and provide plenty of market data to justify my pricing advice. I also alert them to the ...
I see lots of articles about the home price adjustments that have com about in the current recession. Some parts of the country have experienced little in the way of housing value adjustments because of the recession; while other parts of the country have gone through depression-like price slides...
When one is as digitally dependent as I am for my businesses and my communications it is almost unthinkable that my main portal to that digital world could crash; but that's what has happened. Yesterday the disk drive in my laptop bought the farm. I had a hard windows stop and then nothing. The t...
If you live within the market areas that I cover and report upon there are now new statistics posted on my Web sites - www.movetomilford.com and www.themilfordteam.com I have expanded my weekly coverage of the homes that have sold in the area to now cover nine local markets - Milford (Village and...
In today's Realty Times Web release is an article by Bob Schwartz (click here to view the article) about the unmistakable signs of the double dip in the housing market that he is seeing in the San Diego and California markets. There are certainly also signs of this in our local market here in Mic...
 It may well be that I an imagining this, or maybe it's an anomaly of my little market area; but, my sense is that we are starting to see the round of foreclosures and short sales from people who've held out as long as they can and just can't do it any more. Maybe they've been out of a job for a ...
Every now and then I'll hit stretches where I really don't have anything that I want to say, to post a blog about. It's not that there aren't things going on around me that might provide fodder for a pithy comment or two; it's just that none of those things strike the necessary cord of passion to...
"Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone."  (Terry Slattery) from the Jack's Winning Words Blog. I don't remember when I saved this line from one of my favorite blogs, but it seems to be a perfect tip about what one might have to do to be more successful. I suspect that we all fall ...
Recently I blogged here about appraisals and the negative impact of low appraisals. That begs the more fundamental question about the value of houses, which may be explored by trying (as we all do) to answer the question, "What's my house worth?" The correct response to that question should be an...
In essence that's what a page 1 story headline said this morning in the Oakland Press here is Southeastern Michigan. The story, which had several accounts from would-be first-time buyers basically was focused upon the role of appraisers and the HVCC guidelines in several real estate deals that we...

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