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When things go south in a marriage and divorce seems to be the only way out, the people involved may think of calling their priest or pastor and they may call friend s to commiserate; they may even have already called a lawyer; but, they seldom think of calling a Realtor® and they should. Divorce...
The real estate market is really, really slow right now. How slow? Well, here we are in the third full week in January and the nine markets that I track on a weekly basis have a combined total of 55 sales. In “normal times” there would be more than 55 sales each week across those nine markets. To...
Like most, I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz – articles and news stories and such – about the new virtual currency called Bitcoin. Now, let me state up-front that I still don’t feel comfortable that I understand this whole thing about how Bitcoins are mined, i.e. created or brought into existence, a...
There has been quite a bit of controversy lately over proposals by various groups to try to provide agent rating advice based upon various differing criteria, but mostly based upon volume of business. The presumed theory in that is that an agent who handles a large volume of business must be good...

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