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One of the things that a buyer has to watch out for, especially with new build houses, is whether or not they are buying in at too great of a negative equity position. Builders always seem to price a little higher than the sold price averages of existing homes in the current market would dictate....
One of the news feeds that I get every day comes from Realtor.com, the web site for the National Association of Realtors®.  One of the featured stories to day was about the assertion that Baby Boomers have clogged up the real estate pipeline by not acting as expected and selling their homes when ...
In Michigan and many other states the sale of a property provides an opportunity for the tax man to get in on the action with what is called a Transfer Tax. The tax is levied on most sales and is split between the state and the counties. It is made up of two deceptively named components – the Sta...
One of the most overused, misused and abused terms in real estate is the term “Comps.” The term is generally defined as homes that have sold recently that are comparable (thus the term Comps) to the house being evaluated by the real estate practitioner. Comps are used on both sides of the deal. O...
Many times Realtors® may use the terms “strong offer” or “weak offer” when you suggest what you want them to offer to the other side in a real estate deal. What do those terms means and how is an offer’s strength determined?The strength of the offer really refers to the attractiveness of the offe...
Question - My girlfriend and I are thinking about buying a house together. What should I know about that?   Let’s assume that this is a significant relationship, maybe even with plans to get married someday. At least that’s the plan for now. If you were already married this would be a no-brainer;...
Questions - I saw a house with a sign that said it was going to be auctioned off; how does that work? Can I bid and what should I know?   Answer – For the most part they don’t really hold and auction with people shouting out bids; but, yes you could bid on a house during one of the on-line auctio...
The 11th of  12 posts about the real estate process for the seller. Answer - Congratulations and I hope you enjoy the rest of your life, wherever that takes you. And speaking of that, have you got a mover lined up? I generally don’t recommend having your stuff loaded up and driving off as you hea...
The 10th in a series of 12 posts for sellers of answers to their frequently asked questions about the real estate process. Answer – If there are issues that you cannot accept as written in the current offer, you will need to reject it or make a counteroffer. Counteroffers are usually made using t...
Post 9 in a series of 12 posts about the real estate process from the perspective of the seller.   Answer - Congratulations! See how easy that was when you worked with a real estate professional. Your Realtor will stick with you through the closing and will keep tabs on the title work and how the...

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