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This is the 8th in a series of 12 posts of frequently asked questions about the real estate process from the sellers’ perspective. Answer - Well, great! Now you accept it or reject it or counter it. This is another area where your Realtor can make a big difference, in this negotiation phase. Mone...
Post # 7 out of 12 posts for sellers looking at the real estate process from their point of view. There is an unspoken sub-title to the question above - Should I change my agent? Answer - There is a popular book titled “When bad things happen to good people”, which tries to teach people how to co...
I’ve got to move to another state to get started in my new job, or I’ve bought another house locally and it’s ready for me to move in, should I move my furniture to my new location and leave a vacant house? The 6th in the series of 12 posts for  sellers – answers to frequently asked questions Ans...
The 5th in a series of 12 posts about the real estate market from the sellers’ perspecitve.   Answer -  Get out of the way! No kidding. Make it as easy as possible for the Realtor to do his/her job. Not only should you allow a lock-box to be placed on your house, you should make the showing instr...
The 4th in a series of 12 posts for would-be home sellers. Let’s discuss getting the house listed. Your Realtor® will be asking you to sign a contract giving them the exclusive right to market and sell your house for some period of time, usually six months or more. Don’t get all wigged out by the...
The 3rd of 12 posts in a series of Frequently Asked Questions about the real estate process from the sellers' point of view. Answer - Well there are two areas in that question that need different approaches. If there is a major defect, such as major foundation settling that is causing major crack...
Part 2 in a series of 12 posts for people who want to list their house for sale.    Let’s look at getting your house ready for market. Here are some tips: GET RID OF CLUTTER! The biggest thing that I see, both as a listing agent and when showing houses to a potential buyer, is unbelievable clutte...
The 1st in a series of 10 posts about the real estate process from the buyers’ perspective.   Answer - Probably the most important things to do are the following: Get a good Realtor®! The hunt for a new home can be a huge time waster if you don’t have the insight, knowledge and skills of a good R...
I’ve been reading a lot lately about the tastes and preferences of the so-call Gen “Y”, Aka the Millennials. Many articles contain the same characteristics of what they are looking for when they are looking for a new home: 1.    Something smaller and less pretentious – Gen “Y-ers” are not your ty...
The biggest influence on real estate so far this year has been the weather, not the economy (which has fortunately remained stable). The snow and cold have put a significant damper on customer and showing appointments. The good news is that values continued to rise, in many cases over 10%, and th...

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