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Tennessee USDA Rural Development Home Loan   The USDA Rural Development loan is a great opportunity for Tennessee Homebuyers.  It is one of the only loans that will allow you to buy a home without having to have a down payment.  And regardless of what is stated on the news and media, one's credit...
The USDA Rural Development loan is a great option for Louisiana Homebuyers.   The USDA Rural Development Loan is one of the last loan programs that will allow you to buy a home without a down payment. Regardless of what you may hear in the media, you do not have to have a perfect credit history t...
VA Loans Clarksville, Tennessee If you are researching for ways to buy your own home near Clarksville, Tennessee because you're stationed at Fort Campbell  you've come to right place!  We can help you get through the process and save you some money!  Many  people think that buying a house and goi...
Is a VA loan better than a Conventional loan? While everyone’s situation is different, I believe the VA loan is the best loan available for most people.  There are very few ways a home buyer can qualify for a home with no down payment.   A VA loan still allows for the purchase of a home with zero...
Am I Eligible for a VA Loan? Do I qualify for a VA Loan? These are questions we are accustomed to hearing, as many with military experience are not certain if they qualify for a VA Loan. In most cases most all active duty and honorably discharged veterans of the US Military are eligible for a VA ...
A recent article in Forbes magazine entitled “Why Getting Pre-Approved For A Mortgage Is A Sham” was lamenting the uselessness of home buyers obtaining a pre-approval letter from a mortgage lender prior to shopping for a home.   Here is a short excerpt from the article that summaizs the author's ...
The USDA Cookeville Rural Development loan program helps home buyers in eligible areas purchase a home without having to have a down payment, they can finance 100% of the price of the home. RD loans, as they are commonly referred to, has relaxed underwriting requirements regarding past credit iss...
You can buy a home after a Bankruptcy in Memphis Tennessee In contrast to public opinion, you do not always need to wait a very long time following a bankruptcy to qualify for a new home loan.  While most loan programs do require a waiting period of  3-5 years after a bankruptcy to purchase a new...
Jackson is the county seat of Madison County, Tennessee.  The total population of the city at the 2010 Census was 65,211. The city of Jackson is the only area in Madison county that is not eligible for 100% financing using the USDA Rural Development home loan.  Rural Development, or RD loan allow...
Rural Development Loans in Clarksville TN  Clarksville the county seat of Montgomery County, Tennessee. Clarksville 5th largest city in Tennessee with a population of 132,929 in the 2010 Census. Clarksville is the 9th fastest growsing city in america among cities with populations greater than 100...

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