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Community! What does that mean to you? Several years ago I began to really get involved with things that make my community special. I fought for years with a big brand about their definition of helping the community and to say the least we never agreed.  However we are a very small independent an...
Let’s talk about Detroit for a minute. In 1960 Detroit had roughly 2 million people and today it barely has 700,000, is anyone surprised? Having been in the auto business and going to Detroit many times over the years, its decline was inevitable and predicted by several. You can thank corrupt pol...
Every now and again we have to recharge or change the batteries. Well Denise and I took Miller Homes Group way west last week for my daughters weeding and some great vacation time. From selling homes in Tyler to vacationing in Kona, Hawaii is a great leap and one great fun time. The family was to...
  Do it right or do something else.       When you’re an agent selling a home or helping someone buy a home do you really make it about the customer? I have always tried to help the customer the best I can, but more and more I see agents not going the extra mile for their clients. In Tyler, Texas...
As each day passes, I am more grateful to the East Texas community for supporting the new Miller Realty Associates and the new Radio Show “Good Morning with Terry Miller.” Eliminating the corporate micromanagement from my life has strengthened my life in so many ways. There is a fine line between...
  Just a few thoughts:   I have known for a great while that changing anyone’s mind is impossible and if you think you have, you can’t trust that individual.  With everything going on in the world today the greatest concern is the worldwide attack on wealth.  Cyprus is being watched by all those ...
  Have you ever wonder why you picked real estate as a profession?  I never have and I would love to tell everyone why.   #1 There is nothing and I do mean nothing, like seeing that home owner get the keys to their dream     home. Simply put it is one of those feelings you can’t describe. When yo...
Being a part of a vibrant local community and having a locally owned Real Estate company is a blast and add to that, having a local radio show makes for some fun nights. Last night we had 8 Bands on 2 stages at a local restaurant called Lago Del Pino and it was off the hook with energy and fun. I...
  When you have business, it helps to pay attention to a lot of factors. When we picked a location for Miller Realty Associates we had in mind a location that was comforting and nostalgic at the same time. In Tyler we have a huge area called the Azalea District with brick streets and older buildi...
No More Big Corporate for me! Wow, I have the feeling that I should have done this a whole lot sooner. The fact is, that being independent is hard work, but so much better that paying a franchise fee. I never felt the office ever got it's 6% back in services and now I realize that's exactly corre...

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Miller Homes Group, your best choice for your Real Estate needs. Call or come by today and see what our resources can do for you.