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In December of 2011 I recognized the need for a Radio show trumpeting the virtues of supporting local businesses and charities. You see, I believe money earned in a local community should be spent in that local community. Charities need a voice and the small local business owner needs people to s...
What an Amazing day in East Texas. Tyler has the Azelea trail open and the town is buzzing and everything is in bloom. I hope your town is sunny and buetifull this weekend and each and everyone gets out and has a great time. Wash the car, shop for flowers or go lisren to some great live music. No...
Does your agent answer the phone? Odds are, no! If you're looking for a forclosure, good luck getting a call back or any service for that mater. Agents have increasingly abandoned good business tactics. You have a right to demand good service and if your agent is not giving you great service, fir...
  Good Morning with Terry Miller and Miller Realty Associates is proud to announce we are on Toginet internet radio. After more than a year on a great local radio station everyone felt both Good Morning with Terry Miller and Let's Talk Real estate with Terry Miller needed a bit bigger audience. E...
  As a Real Estate agent we have opportunities every day to take the road that always leads to nowhere.   You see we all have computers in our life and we would never knowingly download a virus or do anything to corrupt the information on this piece of necessary equipment, now would we?   Yet as ...
Is customer service missing in your business? I had a great visit with a seller today in Tyler, Texas about his total dislike of real estate agents and after much discussion finally traced it to the fact that he had received terrible service from at least 2 other agents who had had his house list...
Well what do you know another great idea from the government fails? In 2010 with fully one quarter of all mortgages under water and people looking to strategic foreclosure as an option our lovely brain trust in Washington comes up with a brilliant plan to save millions of these properties and adj...
"Everybody is entitled to their opinion, no mater how wrong it may be!" I have been watching for sometime now what has been going on in this great country of ours and I am appalled to say the least. If your Christian, white, have money, believe in self reliance, love your countries flag, or gener...
Teacher Deems American Flag Drawing 'Offensive' -- While Student in Same Class Praised for Drawing Obama... Isn't one attached to the other? In a state with the nation's highest jobless rate, landscaping companies are finding some job applicants are rejecting work offers so they can continue coll...

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Miller Homes Group, your best choice for your Real Estate needs. Call or come by today and see what our resources can do for you.