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Hi Everyone, CAVEAT: One of my great pet peeves about ActiveRain is when a member of ActiveRain uses ActiveRain's SEO power to flame another business online rather than speaking to the business directly and trying to resolve the issue.  This blog post is NOT a criticism of Bank of America.  This ...
Any ActiveRain members in Ohio or Zanesville, OH dealing with the exotic animals in Zanesville, OH this morning?  Sounds like a crazy scene.  Would love to hear more about it from a first person perspective. Niki
Thoughts on Steve Jobs from a Young PC-Loving CEO The world is filled with memorials to Steve Jobs tonight. I am not a Mac user, though I love my iPhone and there are probably 10 Apple devices in our house now.  I am not an Apple fanatic, like many people that I work with and admire.      Much o...
3138 108th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004 - MLS# 235011 - A Great Enatai Fixer Upper Everyone asks: wouldn't it be great to pick your neighbor?  A house has come available across the street from us in Enatai.   3138 108th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004 - MLS# 235011 is a great opportunity for someone who...
Very nice series of video blogs by Ilona Matteson in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.  Video blogging can be a very effective way to grow an audience and get a lot of fans on FaceBook and other social media sites.  I came across Ilona's blog as it was one of the most liked blogs on FaceBook.  Gr...
On Thursday, our Kerrie posted this blog talking about the value of blogging on current events.  On Tuesday August 23, we saw that the a large percentage of our pageviews were related to the East Coast Earthquake, earthquake preparedness, and earthquake inspection.  There is significant value tha...
Very very excited to annouce 29 local meetups coinciding with the week around RainCamp Online!!!  I am very very excited to see the attendance around the country.  PLEASE attend AND bring a friend or two or three.Ladies, have you been waiting for a special occasion to bust out those new shoes?  G...
This is a follow-up to my blog on the New SEO for Real Estate posted last night.  It is really important for all real estate professionals (and companies) to start incorporating their own social strategy into their blogging strategy.  With our new social buttons on your blog, you can syndicate ou...
The New SEO for Real Estate 2011 has marked an important year.  Google which controls 65% of search queries started optimizing its search engine to try to mimic "what the consumer wants."  These algorithm changes have been called Panda.  I have written about Panda before on my blog.  Here and her...
ActiveRain's own Abe Schmidt highlighted this blog to me from Jeff Bullas.  Great tips on how to blog and build an audience.  Jeff six simple steps are: Step One: Identify your Passion and Innate Abilities Step Two: Creating a Plan and Marketing Strategy Step Three: Building the Blog and Bloggin...

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