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A discussion of the home inspection and commercial building inspection industry. Home maintenance tips for consumers.
Twenty years ago, President and Founder of National Property Inspections, Roland Bates, interviewed his first three franchisees. At the time, he was the owner, operator, educational staff and sales department for the fledgling company, it's only employee. All three of the men he interviewed signe...
Homeowners and business owners making energy efficient repairs from January 1, 2006-December 31, 2007, may be eligible for federal tax credits under 2005 energy legislation.The legislation allows homeowners a tax credit of up to $500 for 10 percent of qualified energy efficiency improvements. Thi...
Having enough insulation is not an "old home problem." Plenty of newer homes are lacking insulation in certain areas. One spot to consider when adding insulation is the attic. Attics are easily-accessible and many times the floor is uninsulated. The trick is determining how much is needed. Insula...
I remember the fun of breaking off icicles along the roofline of my childhood home and eating them like a popsicle. I thought the were beautiful the way the little bubbles of ice froze inside and glistened in the winter air. Now I know, those icicles can be one sign of a bigger problem: an ice da...
Understanding some elements of style can help determine changes to the home when buying or selling. Understanding these style elements can also help you better articulate what it is you're looking for in a new home to compliment your current decor. When selling a home, neutral colors for walls an...
Commercial building inspections can give clients the same peace of mind that a residential inspection does. Reports can provide information on the estimated cost of repairs, the current condition of hundreds of components in the buildings and added confidence going into purchase negotiations. Sti...
I remember the last time I was part of the purchase of a new home. Just the picture of the outside of the house on the Internet made my heart flutter. Everyone dreams about their version of a white picket fence. This was my picture ... and then some, complete with a handmade wooden swing hanging ...
A large portion of the United States was recently hit with major snow and ice storms. It doesn't take much ice on trees or power lines to shut off electricity for miles around. Here in Nebraska, some rural areas were without power for several days. A little preparation can make storms like these ...
A few days ago, I posted a blog dicussing some of the questions to consider before bidding or requesting a commercial real estate inspection. The first question was: Why is the inspection needed? The bottom line is that a commercial building inspection gives the client an overall understanding of...
Sink food disposals are great aren't they? Put extra food down it and, poof, gone forever, right. Well, out of sight, maybe isn't always out of mind. For those with septic tanks, a disposal may mean more solids and more frequent pumping. Wastewater treatment plant operators aren't fond of having ...

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