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A discussion of the home inspection and commercial building inspection industry. Home maintenance tips for consumers.
Tornadoes and hurricanes wreak havoc in various places across the U.S. every year. To help home builders and remodelers improve the ability of residential and commercial structures to withstand major wind and water events, scientists and engineers are conducting large-scale weather tests around t...
In the United States, about a quarter of every energy dollar spent in a residential home goes to heat hot water. Changing the type of water heater used to a more-efficient model can help, but if your conventional water heater is working fine, consider the following tips:Install low-flow fixtures ...
If you have a house with stairs, it pays to be cautious. The National Safety Council reports 12,000 stair deaths per year, half occurring at home. Seniors over 65 need to be cautious because they account for 70 percent of the deaths from stair accidents.A couple months ago, I caught my 4-year-old...
Good stairs have good landings. It only makes sense from a home safety standpoint. A landing, a level place at the top of a staircase, assists in traffic flow and prevents falls or run-ins when opening and closing doors. In most places, landings are required anytime you have three or more stairs....
This is probably the best time of year for anyone who enjoys a little "spookiness" at night. Haunted houses, haunted hayrack rides and masks help make Halloween spooky and fun. It's also a great time of year to think about outdoor lighting. No one wants a trip or fall to mean an injury for a litt...
My mom happens to be one of the neatest people I know. She prides herself on having at least one empty shelf in every closet just so that she knows she doesn't have too much stuff. She has organized and simplified her life and almost never loses anything. (Dad and I still remind her of the time b...
The leaves are just beginning to turn colors in beautiful Nebraska. Fall happens to be one of my favorite times of the year. I happen to like fall colors, hayrack rides and the smell of a good soup simmering in my crockpot. Of course, as with any season, fall comes with some chores that aren't so...
I have a daughter with allergies. Having not experienced allergies myself, I have had to teach myself what I need to do around the house to help increase her quality of life -- especially in the fall and spring. One of the things I now put on my calendar is frequently checking and changing the fi...
Selling your home can be very stressful, but there are several things you can do to improve your chances of getting an edge over the competition and closing a deal that is beneficial to all involved. Setting your home apart does take some elbow grease and perhaps a little cash, but it certainly i...
Water leaks in the home are a problem in many ways. Every drop our of the faucet costs us money. It is also a waste of a resource. And it can make a huge mess. But how big of a mess can water make? If left undiagnosed, a simple water leak can lead to mold growth, rotting wood and eventually struc...

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