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A discussion of the home inspection and commercial building inspection industry. Home maintenance tips for consumers.
My first day at junior high, I noticed some of the windows had what looked like chain link fence running through them. Others did not. I found out why one morning when one student pushed another through one of the non-reinforced windows during a fight. Later, that window was replaced with one wit...
Where I am from, thermostats seem to be a normal part of the landscape of the home. Usually located in the hallway or other interior space, they are pretty much ignored unless you live in a house full of college students all used to living under different temperatures. In that case, the thermosta...
Recent storms here have meant flooding in low-lying areas. Damage in other states has been much worse. I am lucky that my own home is situated higher than the floor waters can reach, but the storms have made me think about being prepared in case Mother Nature decides to shake up my doorstep. Of c...
When I purchased 100-year-old home two years back, my home inspector did a great job letting me know some of the challenges you can face when purchasing an older home without scaring me. It's a delicate balance to be realistic without being pessimistic. He did a great job. One of the items he poi...
Protecting young children and others from burning themselves in hot water is important, and you may have more control than you think. Many water heaters have a manual temperature setting. Water temperatures over 120 degrees F can cause scalding. That's why a water temperature assessment is an imp...
Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas produced as a byproduct of combustion. Gas-fired appliances and heating equipment that has been properly vented outside is not a problem. However, if CO is allowed to come back into the home or other sealed space, it can quickly cause illness or death....
In the United States, the cost of lighting an average home accounts for an estimated 20 percent of the electric bill. According to Energy Star statistics, if every American replaced one incandescent light bulb with an energy-star qualified compact fluorescent light bulb, it would save enough ener...
One of the main goals of a home inspection is to uncover safety issues. The home inspector is trained to assess the condition and function of hundreds of components inside and outside the home, including the electrical system. A common electrical system includes the service drop, service panel, f...
I am new to landscaping. I recently moved in to a 100-year-old home. For at least 30 of the last 100 years, large vines grew up all over the home. They have been removed, or at least tamed, but their root systems remain. I have tried several different tools for slicing through the roots to allow ...
OMAHA, Neb. - National Property Inspections Inc. has launched a reformatted website making it easier to connect residential and commercial clients with inspectors. "We know clients are looking online to locate home and commercial inspectors in their area," NPI Vice President Bill Erickson said. "...

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