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I do short sales and my fellow agents think I am crazy.  I have to tell you there are times I start questioning my own sanity.  I do not judge my customer.  I hear other agents talking about oh they can't make their payment but did you see that television or furniture or whatever the item they ar...
Well it is superbowl sunday.  I am not a huge football fan I used to be but have found that weekends are the best time to show property.  Before I became an agent I never missed a football game on Sunday flipping from one channel to the next to catch parts of the other games.   I used to be able ...
I love blogging on activerain but when it comes to my facebook, twitter and linked in it can all become so overwhelming.  So I ran across this great thing called hootsuite.  It is a one stop shop (and free) for managing all of these.  The great part of hootsuite is on twitter you can make a colum...
We all sell real estate or at least most of us do right?  Most of us are REALTORS and most of us belong to a local organization and MLS.  So what is it that you provide different from the agent next door? I myself keep up to date on all the latest tehnology and use it to put my clients listings o...
I have really enjoyed this 31 day challenge although I may have caused another problem for myself.  Yes I am addicted.  I am checking the blog posts almost as much my facebook.  This can not be good as my husband already questions how I can be on the computer so long. I have enjoyed some of the c...
I have been thinking a lot about this lately as I have been reading about the different companies and their financial problems.  Locally we have seen a lot of different companies closing branches and I wondered do brands matter?   I got into this discussion recently with a few other agents and of...
I have been asked by other agents why I do short sales.  I commonly hear they are such a hassle why bother.  I bother because for the most part you have a home owner trapped in a terrible situation they are stuck between the rock and a hard place.  For instance I have a home owner that paid 4000 ...
Ok weekends are just another work day because as we all know during these times we are a 24 hour a day profession.  I mean think about it in Indiana car dealerships are closed, liquor stores are closed but real estate goes on 7 days a week.       I guess I am fortunate that I am busy and my last ...
     Well it is Wednesday and it has been a crazy week.  I am already exhausted and haven't even hit the weekend yet.  I have been showing, writing offers, counter offers, scheduling appraisals, and inspections.  I really love this business but this week is catching up to me as I have been going ...
So I had quite the busy weekend topped off by a busy Monday because of course when you have a busy weekend you always spend the next two days catching up.  I have a rental so I get a lot of phone calls on that rental and I am always amused by some of the comments because as I have said before I a...

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