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Real Estate Technology
Although it is difficult for businesses to depend solely on for sale by owners (FSBO) in the home sales business because of its challenges, the for sale by owner's business is equally a fascinating branch of real estate that one can journey on for prospective beneficial rewards. In 2016, although...
Did you know 92% trust referrals from people they know and are 6X more likely to do business with you? Growing referrals is like building your 401(k) – the sooner you start, the more you benefit from a compounding effect. According to Dunbar's number, on average, a person can maintain 150 active ...
 Do you own a real estate brand, and you’re wondering how top agents drive sales with top-notch marketing strategies in 2021? You must implement some proficient marketing-strategies that will increase your brand’s visibility on the real estate market.  Furthermore, prospective clients are more li...
Smart data and predictive analytics is the bedrock of modern technology. Their relevance is felt in almost all spheres, including AI, health, human resource, metrology, etc. Another significant entrance in the long list is the real-estate industry.  Realtors employ this technology to know who is ...
Let’s face it, in real estate seller leads rarely – if ever – crop up by chance. The most successful individuals and businesses in the industry use elite-level lead generation tactics – the product of years of toil and innovation. However, faced with the need to ace their social media marketing, ...
If you are looking to build and maintain a successful real estate business, you will need to master the skill of geographical farming. Using this strategy successfully will allow you to build your brand awareness and centralize large portions of your real estate listings and sales in a specific a...
Are you on the verge of giving up on your career as a realtor? Have you tried several techniques but all to no avail? As a listing agent, searching for a homeowner looking to sell a house is one of the most challenging parts, and demands consistent work. The same can be said for winning listings....


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