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My blog is packed full of home inspection related articles that are useful for homeowners, Buyers, Sellers, and real estate agents. I also post interesting inspection pics regularly as I run across something on my inspections that peak my interest. Enjoy!
This is a picture of a lift pump.  The lift pump was necessary to raise the solids and liquid waste from the basement bathroom up into the sewer line that ran out the foundation approximately 6' up the wall.  The outlet was dead.  There wasn't any power hooked up to this lift pump.  I checked tha...
This article is to help any flood victim or volunteers take the necessary safety precautions during the cleanup phase.  It also covers some key tips to help a homeowner assess their damage and what recovery steps to take. Safety Precautions:1.  When officials have closed a road, it's for the publ...
This article is to help flood victims access their damage and keep an open mind as to what steps need to be taken before moving back into a flood damaged mobile home. Structural Concerns:Depending on the year manufactured, mobile homes can be set onto a foundation, concrete footings, or concrete ...
Source #1.After a blizzard, always check up in your attic for snow that may have sucked in through your attic ventilation exhaust vents.  If you're attic ventilation isn't proper and you don't have adequate intake vents, then your exhaust vents can essentially work backwards and become an intake ...
Lots of new construction homes are choosing to bling out the front of their house with eye-catching stone veneer (masonry veneer).  But are they being installed correctly to keep the exterior wall dry?  Every time it rains and the stone veneer becomes wet, it absorbs the moisture.  What you can't...
Home Inspection Reviews for Foundation-2-Rooftop, Inc.(These are real reviews from our real clients compared to the paid for or fake reviews of 2 of our competitors on Google) “Greg is the real deal! I was totally impressed with his knowledge and his thoroughness as well as the ten page report he...
This home sits right at the bottom of a T intersection where the concrete street slopes downhill to the driveway.  This is a perfect scenario to find "Street Creep".  At a first glance at the concrete block foundation of this home I didn't really see any signs of movement other than some minor ha...
Here's a look at the damage caused by the street expanding, pushing the driveway into the garage floor, and then pushing the foundation wall...aka "Street Creep".Where does Street Creep occur?  You can typically find street creep on houses that are located at the bottom of a 'T' intersection wher...
Panic room baby!Have a nice day!
Rather than continuing to replace the control board over and over and over again, shouldn't someone eventually question why it keeps going bad and try to resolve that???Check out our website for more issues we run across on our home

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