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There are definite pros and cons of an Equivalency Hearing (EH) as opposed to a Collection Due Process (CDP) hearing with IRS Appeals. These appeals rights come into play after the IRS issues a tax lien. The other situations arise before or after the IRS issues a tax levy. Taxpayers will be maile...
Appeals rights at an IRS Collection Due Process (CDP) hearing are important now that the IRS has reinstated their tax collection function. There was a long freeze in most IRS tax collection efforts due to the pandemic. The IRS did not want to unfairly burden the public during the economic contrac...
IRS Criminal Investigation Voluntary Disclosure Practice is a great option for those with potential criminal tax liability. Taxpayers must determine whether their conduct was willful or not willful. If it was willful, Voluntary Disclosure Practice may be an appropriate solution to avoiding crimin...
  The number of taxpayers in the IRS Collection Inventory surprisingly dropped from 2019-2020. I am including three categories in this calculation: Taxpayers with Unpaid Tax Debts, Ending Inventory. Taxpayer Delinquency Investigations, Ending Inventory. This category is also known as Nonfilers, t...
There are striking trends in the data for recent IRS tax audits.    Examinations (Audits) - Total Positive Income (under $50,000)         Taxpayer Failed to Respond Rate % of Correspondence Audit FY 2018 43.20% 88.10% FY 2019 39.80% 88.10% FY 2020 44.70% 90.00%  For individual taxpayers in the lo...
The percentage of Offers in Compromise (OIC) accepted by the IRS has continued to drop for the last five years.  The number of Offers in Compromise (OIC) submitted by taxpayers to the IRS as well as the number accepted has dropped annually. (Source: IRS Data Book) Despite this downward trend, it ...


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