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California law until February 15, 2021 allows a parent to child and grandparent to grandchild transfer of a principal residence to be excluded from property tax reassessment. Other real property such as non-principal residence homes and commercial real estate can be transferred from parent to chi...
President Biden signed over a dozen Executive Orders almost immediately after entering office. Federal student loan debt payments will be suspended, there will be a freeze on collections of defaulted loans and no interest shall apply to the debt. It is important to note that some student loans ar...
On February 12 the IRS will start accepting individual tax returns for processing. Usually it begins at the end of January, but with the new tax legislation recently passed in December 2020, the IRS needs more time in order to get their systems ready. They are hoping this will help to reduce refu...
The IRS is recommending everyone to use their Get My Payment (GMP) system on the IRS website to check the status of an Economic Impact Payment (EIP). The website will show the status of the first and second Economic Impact Payment (EIP) as well as how the payment was paid. For instance, by direct...
The US Treasury Department along with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released guidance today, Revenue Ruling 2021-02, permitting the deductibility of eligible expenses related to forgiven Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. Notice 2020-32 and Revenue Ruling 2020-27 had not allowed deduct...


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