At we have heard plenty of foreclosure nightmares from some of the consumers we are working with. Many have simply given up and others have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous companies looking to profit off people in trouble. There are plenty of options available to help h...
I am a little bit late to the party but it looks like REW has been struck with some sort of Google Penalty. A few people at REW noticed that site was not ranking for some terms that they did well on previously and even lost rankings on their own name. Currently their forum ranks first for the ter...
Diane Cipa over at Radical Title Talk had a great idea to start a title company implode o meter similar to the mortgage implode o meter. I for one think this is a great idea. I am offering my assistance and anyone else who thinks it is a good idea might want to lend a hand too. Title companies ar...
If you are interested Ask the Title Expert: Part 2 is not up on the blog. We really want to continue this series and provide answers to the most common (and uncommon) questions about title insurance and the closing process. So if you have some questions that you would like answ...
And it reflects poorly on the entire real estate industry. Every person involved in real estate is affected by the negative actions of others in the industry. When consumer read the latest news about a title company ripping them off or a mortgage lender doing the same they believe everyone involv...
A colleague of mine brought a recent article in the Wall Street Journal to my attention about a new association called Hope Now. It is comprised of a number of major lenders, banks, credit counselors, and other organizations. They want to try and ease the sub-prime fallout by providing help, info...
The is dedicated to educating consumers about title insurance and real estate transactions. Most of the time it is pretty dry but we decided to have a little fun while we teach consumers more about the real estate transaction process. To do this we added a crossword puzzle with...
The most recent post at the piloSEO blog discusses some of the main problems with a lot of Real Estate websites and offers some advice on how they can improve. Like NAR says Real Estate is Local so the local sites should be on the first page for local searches. In too many cases they are not. Ins...
Keyword tools like Wordtracker are great but they are not always up to date and they only use a small percentage of the search data that is available. If you only use tools like Wordtracker, Overture's tool, or other keyword tools you could be missing out on a lot of really great keywords. All of...
Please? I am conducting some research on mortgages in NY state. I would like to find the median mortgage loan amount for each county in NY State. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be eternally grateful.

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