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An ongoing of discussion of video innovations that can contribute to effectively marketing properties, communities and RE professionals.
Okay, okay first the disclaimer: As an Active Rain newbie I have not even had a featured post. A good title will not assure anyone that they will be a "featured post". However, what I have done however is study the last few months of featured posts and tried to see some patterns in the titles tha...
Since all of you Home Stagers are always sharing great items with the AR community, I thought I would share this article on Inman News this morning.It was entitled "Get the most out of your home stager" by Dian HymerIt is encouraging to see the media, and in this case the Real Estate media give a...
So you're blogging along and you decide you want to add a link to your site. I've noticed some people are still just typing their URL's in their post and expecting readers to copy and paste, (  People are busy. As quick and easy as a copy and paste may be, many will...
As video continues to make its way into the Real Estate market, professionals want to know how to best distribute their content. A question we occasionally are asked is, "Can we post our video to YouTube?"The short answer is yes, it is possible. To me, the more valid question is: Should you post ...
Just a quick question for any of our professionals out there, but especially our RE agents and brokers:If you were to pay for a video production, which would appeal to you more...being included in an onscreen interview, or having a professional VO (male/female) instead?  Take a look at the sample...
If you are a professional who provides real estate brokers and agents with a service, sometimes the toughest task is just getting in the door. Look at it from a RE professionals point of view, they are constantly being sold to. Agents and brokers receive more sales pitches in a day than many of u...
My business partner (Lathe Poland) and I had a meeting recently with a client we have worked with for over a year. The topic was how we could be integrated more consistently into their day to day business. Normally this would not be noteworthy, but in this case it was the client who started the d...
As technology steamrolls ahead, new barriers are being broken.  Each day professionals in every field are experimenting with new applications and techniques that claim to make life easier.  With "transparency" being the buzz word of '07, seasoned real estate professionals continue to test the wat...
So here you are, you've spent the money on a video, had it posted to the web, made DVD's and along the way you sold your property.  After the fact you realize you have extra DVD's.  A total waste?  Definitely not....put these to good use in your listing presentations.You walk into your potential ...
More brokers and agents each day are embracing video as a marketing tool for their property listings.  While many have been slow to adopt this technology, the ice has been broken and many agents are reaping the benefits.  Aimee Fitzpatrick made it the topic of her latest cover feature in Newsday'...

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