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Great post Ian. I had to share with my friends.The topic of good real estate photography has been discussed in many ways. I have read articles and blogs about simple topics regarding which rooms should be shown and which should be excluded. I have also read and written about the technical aspects...
Thanks for the post Anne.By now most of us are aware that home buyers start their search online. According to the National Association of Realtors that number is currently 87% and growing. And 80% of people using the Internet rate photographs as the most important feature of their online search. ...
Thanks Debbie for a very informative blog!Why Do Real Estate Agents Make 6% When They Only Put Up A For Sale Sign? This last week I was again reminded of just how some people think.  Someone wrote a letter to a relative of mine trying to persuade my relative to sell their house to them.  In the l...
Thanks for the post Stacie. One thing you left out is calling a professional Real Estate/Commercial photography. Here in Omaha there are several of us and we all charge reasonable rates. Far better rates than a studio photographer. Give it a try.Subtitle: Tell Me Again How You Earned Your Commiss...
This is a great story! Thanks for the post Rich. I got one of those calls this morning that we all like to get. "Hi Rich, I found your number on the Internet, do you have a minute?" Yes, and thanks for validating what I do to maintain an Internet presence. After all, it's not just about trying to...
Thanks Larry. Very informative. I had to reblog.All websites are going to change in a big way within the next few years. In case you missed it, Bill Fletcher , offered a very insightful comment in response to my post about the importance of content.  He said: “I believe all websites are going to ...
Thanks for the post. This should be required reading for all agents.I love doing real estate photography - especially when the agent and/or sellers have taken the time to make sure the home is looking its best.  But, of course, there are times when it's a challenge ...    I did a photo shoot rece...
Thanks Wallace. Great post. Although my property management business is an S-corp entity, I am the chief, cook and bottle washer and as such I have found that by being totally and completely involved in the day-to-day operation, I can make decisions regarding my bottom line that may go against th...
Great post! Thanks Ginger!Educate Your Sellers....PLEASE! All too often most of us see listings that look similar to this.      Cluttered, messy and less than appealing to potential buyers.      They look like this online and they look like this in person. Potential buyers move-on to the next lis...
  I thought this post was funny and very informative. I had to reblog it. Thanks for the blog Bart.     "Well you know man, everyone is smoking marijuana. And you can't put everyone in jail, you know?" That kind of mentality can also used with brokers and agents who now "syndicate" their listings...

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